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Friday, February 25, 2022

Old Blue Calicos ~ LAST CALL for Pre-orders

 If you've been thinking about placing an order for my new quilts designed with my brand new Old Blue Calicos fabric collection, this is your last chance.

The first quilt is called Nines in the Middle and is a Log Cabin block with a Nine Patch in the center.  It is then surrounded by a Flying Geese border!  Quilt size is 74 x 82.

This is Charleston Landing.  The image above is my EQ image.

The quilt top was just completed so I snapped a few photos before dropping it off with the quilter.

The quilt features the Bird of Paradise block and is quite easy to make using Deb Tucker's V Block ruler (required.)  Read my previous blog post for more block details.  Quilt size is 65 x 78.

These are the fabrics in my Old Blue Calicos collection.
The fabrics are due to arrive in March.  You can pre-order both quilt kits and a Fat Quarter bundle now.  Your order will ship as soon as the fabric arrives and we can prepare the kits and bundles.  

You can read a lot of kit pre-order details in my previous blog post here.

Pre-order the kits and bundles here.  

This offer ends Sunday, February 27th.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content!  Be well....

Friday, February 18, 2022

From the Heart ~ Part Three AND Pre-Order Old Blue Calicos!


It's easy street from here now what all of our Old Maid's Puzzle blocks are complete.  Time to assemble the quilt.  Sew the center together diagonally, then add the border.  Done!  I am presently hand quilting a valentine project for my daughter.  It's ok that it wasn't complete by the 14th.  She will display it for part of this month, and have it next year and forevermore.  

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed making the From the Heart quilt.  We can look forward to more Quilt Archaeology quilts to 'dig up' and replicate later this year.

Guess what's coming in March?  Oohhh....my new blue collection.  I love me some blue fabrics!

I had loads of fun designing quilts with this collection.  What's not to love about a blue and light quilt, right?  

Charleston Landing by Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts
The first quilt is called Charleston Landing.  (The image above is an EQ image as the quilt is in production right now.) It features all of the prints in the Old Blue Calico collection.  The Bird of Paradise block is what I chose for this quilt and I love the two secondary designs that appear between the blocks!  

The Bird of Paradise block is made of Four Patches and a unit often called Peaky & Spike.  The Peaky and Spike unit would make experienced quilters worry because of the sharp points.....but no longer!

Deb Tucker created her V Block ruler so that you can easily piece them and trim to perfection.  Oh, I am all over that!


Take a look at how the Peaky and Spike unit looks.  You can see along the edge of the ruler how the unit will be trimmed.  Easy, peasy!

In the photo above, you will see the floral border fabric on top.  The soft blue floral is the setting fabric, and the stack of folded fabrics are the sashing, cornerpost and inside border prints. 

You can pre-order the Charleston Landing quilt kit with optional backing right now.  Read all the quilt details and place order here.  The pattern is FREE with your pre-order!

Nines in the Middle by Pam Buda~Heartspun Quilts

Oh, how I love a Log Cabin quilt!  I wanted something just a little different so I placed a Nine Patch in the center of the cabin block.  This quilt uses all of the prints in the Old Blue Calicos collection, and is surrounded by a very pretty light floral print, then trimmed with Flying Geese units.  (The image above is an EQ image as the quilt is in production right now.)

The photo above shows the pretty floral background fabric.  The stack of blues and medium print are the fabrics used in the Nine Patch blocks. Scroll up to see the entire fabric collection or click here.
Here's one of the Log Cabin blocks I made so you can see it up close.  Darn my camera...the light prints look very yellow in this picture.  Their true color shows in the photo above.  I wanted you to see the Nine Patch and three rounds of Log Cabin strips to get a better idea.  Hope this helps.

You can pre-order the Nines in the Middle quilt kit with optional backing right now.  Read all the quilt details and place your order here.  The pattern is FREE with your pre-order!

You can also pre-order a Fat Quarter Bundle of Old Blue Calicos and get it as soon as the fabric arrives!  Place your order here.  

Please place your pre-orders by Sunday, February 27th.  Kits will not be available later.

As always, please know how much I appreciate each and every order.  Without you, I couldn't keep my little business going.  Thank you, thank you!!  I know you have many choices in quilting goodies and I am grateful for your orders!

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well......

Monday, February 14, 2022

Monday's With Marcus III Launches Today!!


One of my favorite events of the year is back, and this time, all of the Marcus designers are talking about color!  FREE patterns are once again available from each and every Marcus designer, so this is the perfect time to visit your favorite designer, and get to know our new designing sisters. 

Each of us has designed a quilt featuring the color RED, after all, it is Valentine's Day!

I designed this sweet, little quilt called From the Heart for Valentine's Day.  You can find the FREE pattern here.  I also have a limited number of kits available, with the exact fabrics, while supplies last here.

In addition, each Marcus designer will take a turn in the coming weeks to also talk about her favorite (or least favorite) color, why it is (or isn't) and how she uses it in her life.  There will be a FREE pattern showing that featured color, and perhaps kits as well.  So, we have a lot of exciting and inspirational things happening for you to enjoy every Monday, starting today through April 18th!  Plan on spending your Monday's With Marcus for all the exciting projects to come.

Visit Marcus Fabrics to see all of the fabulous RED projects and get links to all of the FREE patterns.  Have fun designer hopping today!

Pinks of the Past are in stock now, at your local quilt shop, and here at HeartspunQuilts.com.  Please....I always ask you to shop at your LQS first.  Ask for Pinks of the Past and support your local shop.  They all need our business to be there for us for years to come.  

If....your LQS doesn't have Pinks of the Past, then I have yardage, fat quarter bundles, and the Love & Hope basket pattern ready to ship.  Click here to browse all the lovely prints in the Pinks of the Past collection.

Enjoy our Monday's With Marcus RED launch, and be sure to keep your needle busy and your heart content!  Be well......

Friday, February 11, 2022

From the Heart ~ Part Two

 The week has flown by and we're all one week closer to spring....and that's a very good thing!  I stare at a sea of white as we're still snow covered here in Chicagoland.  Typical for February, but my seasonal radar is longing for the change to spring.  It won't be long now!

By now, you have all  of your Cat's Cradle blocks complete, so our next step is to make the Firefly  units.  

Follow along in the pattern directions to piece a Half Square Triangle to a square.

Sew (2) units together to make the block.

With the units for the Old Maid's Puzzle block complete, we can begin assembly of the Old Maid block.

Sew a Cat's Cradle block and a Firefly block together.  

Sew (2) units together to make the Old Maid's Puzzle block.  Make a total of (6) blocks.

You're all done for this week.....unless....you want to sew ahead to have your quilt top done before Valentine's Day on Monday.  Your choice.  I leave my Valentine decor up though the month of February, and I like working on future V-Day projects all month, too, so I don't mind if everything isn't complete by the 14th.  Enjoy the process and the project!

Have you seen the Spring 2022 issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine? 

Stars over Union Hill by Pam Buda~Heartspun Quilts.com

My Stars over Union Hill quilt is included along with other great projects in this issue!  There's a whole lotta stitching goodies in this magazine, so be sure to head to your LQS or newsstand to buy a copy.   

Oh...and guess what??

All of my Marcus Fabrics designing sisters and I have been planning something new and fun for you, all beginning Valentine's Day, February 14th!!  Oh, do we have some gorgeous projects in store.  I can't wait to share it all with you.  

So, be sure to visit my blog on Monday for all of the details.  Better yet, subscribe to my blog and you won't ever miss a thing!  My blog posts will be delivered right to your email inbox.  Scroll down to find the "Subscribe" box on the right sidebar.  It's that easy!

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well......

Friday, February 4, 2022

From the Heart ~ Part One

 Welcome, friends, to another Quilt Archaeology sew-along!  It's February and time to begin sewing our Valentine quilt.  Follow along in your From the Heart pattern.  You can download it here.

Make all of your Half Square Triangles and trim them to the size stated in the pattern.  String piecing them makes quick work of this task.  

Next, carefully piece two light print triangles to a Half Square Triangle as shown.  

Our next task is to add the large red triangle to our pieced unit.  Hhmmm...keeping those triangle points together as you sew them can be a problem.

Here's my fix for that problem....I use Seam Align glue to glue those points together!  In the photo, you can see the syringe applicator in the right corner dropping the tiniest dollop of glue on the fabric by the tip of the point.  Just a tiny drop is all you need, then finger press the fabric points together.

Seam Align glue has many uses, but I think it can't be beat when used to glue triangle points together.  Those points always want to separate just as you're about to sew them, which is sooooo frustrating!  The glue is inexpensive, lasts a long time, can be ironed, disappears when you wash the quilt, and if you had to 'rip' the seam, you can gently pull the fabrics apart.  Find Seam Align glue at your local quilt shop or on my website here.

Finish all of your Cat's Cradle units.  We're well on our way!!  

Martingale has just released a new compilation book, all filled with nothing but scrap quilts!  Yay!  Who doesn't love a scrap quilt?  It's titled Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts.

I'm honored to be a part of this awesome book, and my quilt, Emma's Sewing Basket, is included.

If you love scrap quilts, you'll love this book!  Treat yourself to a copy.  The Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts is coming at your LQS this month.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Take care and be well......