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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Vintage Patchwork Giveaway & A Thankful Heart

In the evenings, I truly enjoy hand stitching while I watch TV.  I rotate between projects depending on my mood.  Sometimes I work on a hexie quilt, sometimes hand piece blocks, stitch binding, or hand quilt.  I do love working with wool applique and one of my favorite artists is Rebekah L. Smith.

I truly adore Rebekah's folk art style and her whimsical designs never disappoint!  

Rebekah has a copy of my Vintage Patchwork book to giveaway.   
If you'd like a chance to win a copy of my Vintage Patchwork book, head over to her blog and be sure to take some time to browse her website, too.  I promise you'll be inspired and tempted to shop!  

I had to buy the pattern and kit for her newly released design called Autumn Fowl.  Love, love!!

Thanks, Rebekah, for sharing my work with your readers!

I have a very full and thankful heart on this Thanksgiving Day.  My family is together and we have our health.  

I thank you, my fellow quilters, for your support of my little company....my quilt patterns, and fabric, for without you, I would not be able to continue the work that I love.  I feel very blessed.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Circa 1880 Club Quilts

I'm over the moon happy to report that quilt shops all over are signing up for my Circa 1880 Club every day.  I believe a shop in Canada is signing up so our friends to the North will be included in the fun.

One of the benefits of being a club member is getting the pattern for the six exclusive small club quilts.
You will notice that in each of the club quilts, I used the same Uneven Nine Patch block  I used in the big quilt.  
Sometimes they're paired with other fun blocks.
Sometimes just that cute little block!
Each quilt also features the brand new Circa Basic Essentials fabrics and is given at just the right time of year.  The pattern/kit for the quilt above is given in December.
There are other benefits of the club, too!  But...I don't want to share all my surprises just yet!
I hope I have piqued your interest and that you'll look for a participating Circa 1880 Quilt shop in your area or that you can join by mail.

I have other news to share with you soon that I'm very jazzed about!

No news, however, on the whereabouts of my stolen quilts.  From what I'm told, they are likely in a Houston garbage dump.  Very sad.  If that's the worst thing that happens, I have much to be thankful for as they can be replaced.  

We have to keep our perspective as there is so much true tragedy with the California fires and people loosing everything.  A few quilts are meaningless in the grand scheme.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Much To Be Grateful For!

I'm back home from fall market with a whole lot to share.  Some really great news and some not so great news.

First of all, my year long super-secret-scrappy-project, now known to the world as The Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt and club was a big hit!!  Dare I say the quilt was a show stopper.  Many people really did stop dead in their tracks while passing my booth to take a look at the quilt.  The quilt really is something special and I am so grateful that it was well received by so many people.  Lots and lots of shops signed up for this club so watch for your LQS to advertise The Circa 1880 Club coming soon! 

I still have to show you the small quilts that are a part of the club, too, and will do so in my next post.  

But, I am anxious to get the word out about about the three quilts pictured in the pattern cover above.  

All three of these quilts and the blue one below were stolen from my booth on Friday while we were all attending a Schoolhouse presentation.  
Storyteller ~ Mrs. Miller's Apprentice BOM bonus quilt 
My three Tokens of the Past: Yuletide Greetings quilts, the bonus quilt from Mrs. Miller's Apprentice BOM and four fat quarter bundles were gone when we returned from Schoolhouse.  The authorities were alerted.  The quilts have labels sewn into them, but I don't have high hopes of them being returned.  The head of security said it was likely a convention building worker and not another exhibitor.  

Market had its challenges this year.  My flight was delayed 5 hours going to Houston due to rain, my luggage and all my clothes were soaking wet, I fell off the ladder on Thursday and hurt my back, and my quilts were stolen on Friday.  I could dwell on the unfortunate events that took place, but instead I am grateful.

Grateful I arrived in Houston on Tuesday safe and sound, grateful my clothes dried and the hotel was able to laundered some others, grateful I didn't hit my head, break a bone or knock my teeth out when I fell.  I am grateful to my fellow Marcus designer friends and all my friends at Marcus Fabrics who helped me with everything I needed, and let me know how much they cared!  I am also grateful that my new designs were so well received by shop owners and that I safely returned home to my family.  

It feels much better to be grateful than to hold onto anger about anything that happened.  I do ask that should you see any of my quilts on eBay that you just let me know.  I am grateful for that as well.  I'll be posting about my stolen quilts on social media, and if you have time, please share the post so the word gets around.  

I am grateful for each and every one of you as well.  Thank you for your continued support which allows me to keep doing the things we all love.