Friday, April 14, 2017

Pam's Prairie Basics & Shirtings Debut!

Cottonwood Creek quilt, designed by Pam Buda for Heartspun Quilts (Electric Quilt Image)
Introducing Cottonwood Creek, the quilt that helped inspire my brand new Pam's Prairie Basics & Shirtings collections, created just for Marcus Fabrics, of course!  

Last year, while traveling through Maine and Vermont, I toured the Shelburne Living History Museum.  I could have stayed there all week!  I was truly smitten with the Tuckaway General Store because it is an experience in walking back into nineteenth century as it really was.
This store is original to New England, and was indeed a General Store in the 1800's, preserved and moved to the museum.  (Click here to see original post about Shelburne)
By the time I visited Shelburne, I was already busy planning the Basics and Shirtings line in my mind, and being there was a buffet of creative food for thought.  As I stood taking in all the sights, sounds, goods in the shop, with the creaking floor beneath me, I imagined myself a Prairie woman coming in to shop for needful things.  Nothing fancy, just the "basics" of life on the prairie. 
Shirtings were a lovely basic of life then, and I adore them now.  They are lights that give a quilt so much interest.  Muslin was certainly a big staple then, and there are many, many lovely quilts made with muslin, but somehow, I just like shirtings so much more than plain muslin.  

Having said all of that, I quite deliberately designed a print that I call Barely There.  Sometimes, when choosing fabrics for a quilt or block, even a little shirting can overpower the effect we are looking to achieve.  Barely There gives the effect of muslin from far away, but when you get closer, reveals a tiny print that has a hint of color without being overpowering.  (It comes in two colors)

In my Cottonwood Creek quilt above, Barely There is used in the center of the quilt, surrounding the center star and pinwheels.  There are 12 new shirtings in the collection.

The "basics" portion of Pam's Prairie Basics have 24 new prints.  One of the best things about a Marcus Fabrics Basics line is that the fabrics, both the shirtings and the darks, will be available for an extended period of time....about 2 years.  Each print was chosen with purpose in mind.  I wanted a range of our favorite Civil War repro colors....reds, blues, greens, plums, brown, blacks, tan, deep golds and dusty pinks.  There also had to be prints suitable for borders for a larger quilt, borders for smaller quilt, and a rich print in tone on tone.  Add some geometrics, little country florals, and we have a beautiful mix of basics!

We all need to have a really good beige tone on tone to work with in our quilts, and so that was another print that just had to be in the line.  Something that gave a little bit of motion without being overwhelming.  

This print is called Butter Press and comes in two other colors.  It is used in the star pieced border in Cottonwood Creek.

All of the prints in the collection are named for items of everyday living...the basics of living, if you will. 

The next two prints I chose because I have long wished to use them in quilts, and they are just not always available.  I figured you might be looking for them as well, and with the extended availability, we would finally have them for awhile.

The stripe print at the right, called Apron Strings, is a print I love using in sashing and borders.  I chose a neutral tan color because it works with just about anything, and sets itself apart nicely from the background color of blocks without overwhelming the quilt.  It came from one of my oldest antique quilts and is a traditional classic.  Honestly, it looks great in a block, too!

The print at the right, called Lace, is one of the prints I am most anxious to use.  It is a print that is nearly impossible to find and not often printed.  Used in the center of my Cottonwood Creek quilt above, it surrounds the Nine Patch blocks and gives shading and interest to the quilt center. Printed in tones of beige, tan and browns, it goes with everything Civil War and looks stunning next to the darker colors.  

Peacefield by Pam Buda for Heartspun Quilts (Electric Quilt image)
My favorite use of the Lace print is seen in my Peacefield quilt above in setting triangles.  I am remaking my quilt, Peacefield, which uses a 10 x 10 precut plus coordinate fabrics from the Basics line.  You can see what a nice effect my Lace print has in this quilt in the setting triangles.  (Pattern and kit coming soon!)  

Pam's Prairie Basics & Shirtings is in your Local Quilt Shop now!!

Please shop your LQS and ask for my fabrics there.  I would like it to be your first stop in shopping.  

If your LQS doesn't carry my fabric collections, you can order them from my website.  
I have prepared both Half Yard bundles and Fat Quarter bundles of all 12 shirting prints.

Half Yard bundles and Fat Quarter bundles are also available of the Basics collection!  

Click here to order......and guess what?

For a limited time only....Pam's Prairie Basics & Shirtings are 15% off!  

Order yours today!

I'll be sharing all kinds of goodies on my new Tokens pattern called Tokens of the Past: Prairie Life....all using a 10 x 10 and yardage of the Basics & Shirtings collection.  Photos of the three quilts coming soon!  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler Trio Quilted

Lake Log Cabin quilt in the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler pattern
Isn't it so, so satisfying when your quilt is finally complete, quilted and bound, and you can begin to enjoy it by display, or cuddling underneath all that yummy fabric?!  

All three of the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler quilts are now finished and I enjoyed binding them.  

Dancing Leaves quilt in the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler pattern
My friend, Ronda, once again outdid herself with the quilting we chose.  I can't choose a favorite.  Glad I don't have to!

Colors of Autumn quilt in the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler pattern
By now, you know that all of these quilts are made from my new fall collection called On Maple Lake, (for Marcus Fabrics) which is in your LQS right now.  

The three Tokens: Autumn Sampler quilts are all made from just one 10 x 10 precut of the collection, plus additional yardage for sashing, borders and binding.  All three quilts are included in the pattern, too.

The 10 x 10's of On Maple Lake have not been delivered just yet, but are expected this month.  You can order a kit for all of the Tokens: Autumn Sampler quilts here.

The pattern is also sold separately here.

I'll be posting photos of my new Pam's Prairie Basics fabrics, along with a sneak peek at the Tokens quilts made with the both the Basics and Shirtings, as well as the feature quilt which is presently in production.  

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I'm Teaching at Primitives Of The Midwest!

My thanks to everyone for your comments.  It was very fun and interesting to read about favorite events held at your local shops.  Some are very inventive and creative and you can certainly see why they're a favorite.

Five random comments were chosen to receive a complimentary Autumn On Maple Lake patterns.  

They are.....

Robin.......My favorite LQS has a once monthly sit and sew. It is open to all, just bring a project you want to work on or if you are having a problem with a block or a section in a class the owners are more than happy to assist. The best part about this lovely shop is it is within walking distance of my home! 

Linda......Fantastic colors and perfect pattern! My LQS hosts a BOM where for a minimal investment we receive 2 "starter" fabrics (this year is 10" x 12") and a pattern for a quilt block. We watch the demo and go home to add our own fabrics to make a 12" block. Everyone's quilt is different as the only requirements are that each of the starter fabrics must be in the block and that there are as many pieces in the block as the pattern has - no cutting a 3" square if the pattern calls for HST! It is a great learning experience as we increase our skills over the year with progressively more challenging patterns as well as learn about color, value and texture while creating unique blocks. 

Esther....Fall is my most favorite season and your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Would love the pattern and fabric! I am very fortunate to have my LQS just a few miles from my home. The owners are great ladies and always coming up with fun things to do. To name just a few: once a month we have sample (block) club and today I'm going to "Sit & Stitch". They make the coffee/tea and we sit, stitching away and chatting, too! Great fun with a wonderful bunch of quilting buddies. Thank you, Pam, for all you do and share in the quilting world!

Bonnie....beautiful pattern and fabrics, Pam. being Canadian, I am partial to Maple Leaves. I would love to win a copy of this pattern. Thanks for sharing. 

Gloria....Such a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the giveaway! Loving Stitches, my LQS, is fantastic! This past year their tech/repairman held a class on machine maintenance and troubleshooting. I am so glad I took advantage of it. Invaluable! 

Please email your mailing address to me at and I'll have your pattern in the mail for you!  

Save The Date!
I am SO, SO JAZZED to announce that, once again, Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit, MO is hosting their Primitives of the Midwest event!  Yahoo!!!

Once again, I have been invited to join an amazing roster of teachers holding a wide variety of classes 
in all of your favorite primitive mediums.

Quilting, applique, punch needle, name it!

Click here to see more about the teachers and their classes.

If you have never had the chance to visit Quilter's Station, you're missing something!!
It is one of the premier shops in the US and is in my list of favorites for sure!
Shop owner Rita Briner, and all the shop girls do an amazing job in display to inspire you, and have an inventory to die for!
All I can say is start saving your pennies now!
I will be teaching two brand new small quilt projects using my new Pam's Prairie Basics & Shirtings line!  

I'm so excited to return to Quilter's Station and Primitives of the Midwest!  August won't come soon enough.

Click here if you'd like to see my blog post from the last time I taught at POTM.

Sure hope you'll join us!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Autumn On Maple Lake Is Here!

It's always so exciting when all the work has been done and I can finally release a new pattern.
My new pattern, Autumn On Maple Lake, using all the fabrics in the On Maple Lake (for Marcus Fabrics of course!) collection, is quilted and bound!  
My dear friend, and quilter extraordinaire, Ronda quilted my quilt.  LOVE!
Another dear friend, Debbie, pieced the quilt for me.  She does just a fantastic job and I could not be happier...nor could I possibly keep up with all of this myself.  
You know me and photography....I usually can't take a photo capturing the real colors of the quilt, but I think these pictures do a pretty good job.  
I wanted this quilt to be a burst of fall color and I am so happy with the way it all turned out.
I simply adore the main print in this collection.  
I wanted it to be subtle, and have some of the fall colors in it, but also a print that could be used in a quilt that wasn't fall at all.  I think I succeeded.  

I also thought you'd get a kick out of what the original antique print looks like. 
 Maple Lake is a real place near my home.  It's man made, nestled within a huge Forest Preserve area.  There's a woody trail to walk that surrounds the lake.  For many years when I was a kid, and when the leaves were falling, and in plentiful supply on the ground, my entire family...including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma's would go there for a picnic.  All of us kids would roll around in all the leaves and play, eat great food, and everyone would take that leafy walk around Maple Lake before packing up to go home.  The tall trees were just filled with magnificent colors, the air clean and crisp, making for memories to last a lifetime.  It was my inspiration for this collection and for the four quilts I designed to go with it.  

It's funny to be talking about fall when spring is well on its way....but in the world of fabric, the seasons have their own timeline.  Lucky for us, too, because if we start working on these fall quilts now, they will be ready in time for those new leaves just now budding, to fall once again.

The On Maple Lake fabric collection is being delivered to your LQS right go shopping to see all the fabrics in person!  Many shops have ordered the pattern, too, so you can buy the fabrics & the pattern to make your very own Autumn On Maple Lake quilt.

If your LQS doesn't carry the pattern, you can order it here...but, please DO support your LQS!

Click here to order the Autumn On Maple Lake pattern.

I happen to have extra Autumn On Maple Lake patterns here (teehee) and would love to give away a few of them!

So.....leave a comment on my blog telling me about a favorite event you have attended at your local quilt shop.  I'll choose a few winners on Tuesday.  

I'm sorry, be fair to everyone, I cannot accept email entries.  International readers are more than welcome to leave a comment!  Can't wait to hear from you!  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Prairie Shirtings!

I'm excited!  I'm jazzed!  I'm thrilled and delighted to finally show you my brand new collection called Pam's Prairie Shirtings!

I adore shirtings and there will never, ever be enough of them.  Can you tell how happy I am to bring you 12 new prints?
The 12 new Shirtings are a partner to another new collection called Pam's Prairie Basics.  I will show you those very soon as well.  The wonderful thing is that both the Shirtings and the Basics fabrics will be available for an extended time - much longer than a normal collection.  Yay!

Right now, I'm crazy busy getting 9 new quilts ready for Spring Quilt Market.  Writing patterns in the morning, and checking and double checking the instructions, sewing in the afternoon, and binding in the evening.  

Had to find some time to update my blog and share the news about Prairie Shirtings and Basics....all coming very soon to your local quilt shop!  They were inspired by several trips to living history museums Dry Goods Mercantile stores.  More on that in a future post.

More news about the Shirtings & Basics collection, and the five new quilts I designed for them, along with new and close up photos of all of the quilts made from my new On Maple Lake fabric collection.  

I haven't forgotten about my Pocket Patchwork Sew-Alongs.  I really want to do another.  My surgeries, and longer than anticipated recovery time, sure set me way back.  But...just wanted you to know that I have not abandoned my sew-alongs.  

Hope you find a little time to spend with needle and thread today.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Scrap Winners & 2018 Civil War Cruise!!

Thank you so much to all 188 of you who left a comment to win a bunch of scraps.  You will never know how much I value reading your comments and that you took the time to do so.  It was very enlightening to read how difficult it is for so many of you to get to see your favorite Civil War reproduction fabrics in your local shop. is so important to patronize your brick and mortar shops whenever possible as that's the only way they will keep being there for us in the future!  

Now....on to the scrap box winners:

Tracey Holzer commented...

Great to hear that you are on the mend and getting back to your normal life! I live in an area where quilt shops are a couple hours away from me, so I do the most of my fabric shopping online. But many of the shops I've visited seem to have more brights than darks and I'm a dark girl! I'd love more reproduction fabrics...yours, Kim Diehl, KT, all of them. Thanks for this chance!

Dolores from Wyandotte commented.....

I have one local quilt shop that carries very, very little.  But what they do carry is Marcus Brothers, Paula Barnes, and yourself, Pam.  I have asked if the owner would be interested in expanding the repro line but she feels and she doesn't have a large audience.  I disagree but what can you do.  So I must either travel a good distance or order on-line.  Ho Hum what's a gal to do!  So you can understand my pain and so it sure would be nice to win one of those  boxes of yummy fabric.  Thanks Pam

Traditional Quilter commented......

My local quilt shop carries some repro fabrics but to get a bigger selection I need to drive to one that is 100 miles away.  I love your fabrics.  I buy many different designers fabrics.  I love the more traditional repros the best.  I would love to win some scrap fabrics.  Yours are always amazing.  Reproduction scraps fabric quilts are so fun to make.

Karen commented......

I love playing with scraps!  As far as the local quilt shops stocking my favorite repro fabrics. There is only one that does and only side of a row.   I wish there were more from any of the designers.  Never a full line of any designer's fabric.  No fat quarter bundles, or fat eighths or layer cakes in the repro fabrics.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating.  Please email me at with your mailing address and I'll have those scraps on their way to you.  
You are cordially invited to sail with me on an awesome Civil War cruise in April, 2018!!!  

I am so, so, SO jazzed to say that two of my most favorite Civil War designer friends will be joining me....Julie Hendricksen, shop owner of JJ Stitches (Sun Prairie, WI)who is also a fabric designer for Wyndham, and Carol Hopkins, designer of Civil War Legacies patterns.  Both are also Martingale authors and extremely talented, fun women to be around.  What a great time we will have.  

Take a look at the three quilt projects!  Swoon...I wish I could take Julie and Carol's classes with you!  Each one is Civil War, and each on is so different from one another.  What a great addition to your Civil War Repro quilt collection they will be, and great fun, and memories to boot.

We will be sailing Royal Carribbean's Liberty of the Seas to Galveston, Honduras, Cozumel and Costa Maya.  I've never been to any of these destinations and am really looking forward to it.

Click here for the link to check out all of the details about the teachers, projects, ship and ports.  The folks at Stitchin' Heaven are our hosts and they've been doing quilting cruises for a very long time.  We will all be in very good hands.  

Think about joining the fun with a bunch of other Civil War loving quilters, and spend a whole week with three of your favorite Civil War designers all to yourselves!  Oh, and then there's the fabulous ship, food, destinations, sun......

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time For Another Scrap Give-away!

Now that I'm feeling more my old self, and with Spring Quilt Market preparations in full swing, we've been doing a lot of cutting, sewing and scrap gathering.  You know I don't want to hang onto all those scraps for myself. way!  

I need to find a good home for four boxes chock full of a wide variety of scraps!  

Debbie and I have complete four quilts, all using brand new fabrics from On Maple Lake.  

So...there are some Maple Lake scraps in each of the four boxes.  (It's not even in your local quilt shop yet, but it will be very soon!)  There are other Heartspun Quilts fabric collections in there, and I also purged some Civil War reproduction fabrics from my big scrap bin and passed those along, too.  So that means there's a big mix of wonderful scraps waiting to be sent in the YOU!

Please leave a comment on my blog and tell me.....    

Does your quilt shop stock your favorite REPRO fabrics?  If yes, share what DESIGNERS you prefer.  If not, share what would be on your wish list.
I'm sorry, but to be fair to everyone, I can not accept comments via email.  Also, I regret not being able to ship the scraps outside of the US as shipping costs are just prohibitive for a giveaway like this.

So, please help me out, and leave a comment for me by midnight Monday, March 20th, for a chance to win scrappy goodness.

Click here to see all the On Maple Lake fabrics and be sure to look for them at your favorite local quilt shop in just a few weeks.

Wishing you pieceful stitches....

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Autumn On Maple Lake

 Last time, I posted this photo of the quilt Debbie was busily piecing called Autumn On Maple Lake.  It's the large, feature quilt I designed especially for my new On Maple Lake fabrics.
This is the whole block....a combo of Maple Leaves and Log Cabin.  Love, love, love!!
I took this photo of the quilt in progress and was so pleased to see the burst of fall colors!  She took it back home to add the pieced border.  I don't have a photo of the finished top because we rushed it to be quilted....but I can show you the Electric Quilt image of the entire quilt.
It is really something in person as all quilts are.  Photos never do justice to the real deal.

My Autumn on Maple Lake pattern will be available soon.  

Click here to see all of the On Maple Lake prints....arriving soon at your favorite local quilt shop!  Please be sure to ask for them on your next visit.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tokens: Autumn Sampler SPECIAL OFFER!

I'm so jazzed to finally be able to share the new quilts I designed using my new On Maple Lake fabric collection!

I had a lot of fun designing the three quilts for the new Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler pattern.  I wanted them to say fall in every way.  They are all easy to piece, require no special rulers, and all of the blocks for all three quilts come from just one On Maple Lake 10x10 precut! 

The cover you see above is a draft, and the quilts are EQ images, as I just received my sample yardage late last week.  Debbie and I went right to our sewing machines to get started!  
 I dug right in to begin making half square triangles for the Colors of Autumn quilt.
  Here's how the first block looks.  I confess I was a bit rusty with my accurate 1/4 inch from not having sewn in so long.  (Darn those surgeries anyway...getting in the way of my fun!)  But, by block 2, I was doing much better, and with block 3, I had my piecing mojo back and humming.
As a fabric designer, you do your best to create fabric patterns and colors that will be not only interesting but harmonious, and while they are pleasing to the eye as a collection, I wonder how they'll turn out when actually pieced into blocks?
It's wonderful to sigh relief and satisfaction when you're happy with how all the fabrics have blended to make a colorful feast for your eyes.  This happens to all of us as we inspect our units and blocks, check to see if all those points (or almost all!) are just right, and blocks are square and measure what they should.  Yes...I was a happy girl!

Can't wait to display this cutie on my kitchen table with some acorns, leaves and little pumpkins.  

To kick off my celebration of On Maple Lake, I'm offering a special PRE-ORDER promotion on the complete kit for the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler trio!!!  

Order the Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler complete quilt kit before April 1st 
and receive the pattern FREE!!  

The pattern value is $14.50, so you'll be saving quite a bit!  

Click here to view the details and place your order.  Orders will ship in mid-April.  

Tokens of the Past: Autumn Sampler patterns will be available for individual sale later in March once the quilts have been photographed, and the cover is done.  

This is a sneak peek at what Debbie is working on.  The colors are not accurate as the lighting makes it have a golden overcast to it, but you get the idea.  

The large quilt is called Autumn on Maple Lake, and if I do say so myself (very humbly!) is just stunning in real life.  So...more about the large quilt in my next post.  

Have to admit that I'm anxiously waiting for spring and feel a little weird about talking and working with fall fabrics.  But...I'll be so happy come September when they're all ready to use and enjoy.....and you will, too!

Hope you find peace in stitching today.