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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hints Book Revised & Refreshed

Over the past few months, I have been doing some updating and revisions to my Book of Quilting Hints & Tips.  I first self published this book about 10 years ago, with a make-do cover in a prong folder, which was all I knew to do back then.  It was time for a change!!

The Quilting Hints & Tips book has a brand new cover and is professionally printed and spiral bound now.  The pattern for the quilt on the cover is in the book.  

If you already own a copy, there is no need to buy a new one.  But....if you don't have a copy of your own, you are missing the best hints in fabric preparation, cutting, piecing, pressing, accurate 1/4 inch seams, piecing perfection, and so, so much more....all the way to making labels for your quilts.  

Click here to read more details about what is in the book.  Order your copy today!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks

Are you digging deep in your stash for tons of different prints?  Have you made some blocks with fussy cut centers and corners?  We're just getting started!

Looking for a participating quilt shop so you can join The Circa 1880 ClubClick here for the list!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Helpful You Tube Video

Last fall while I was attending quilt market, I met with the staff of Martingale Publishing and we worked together to make a You Tube video of my best tips for perfect Connector Corners.
They made a really great video of my demo and I think you may enjoy it and perhaps get some useful tips!

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to read the entire Martingale Stitch This! blog post.  They always have such great blog posts!  And...you can comment to win a copy of my Vintage Patchwork book!!

If you're interested in buying my Vintage Patchwork book and 10 inch precut, you can find them here.

Check it out....hope you find it helpful!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks

A new batch of blocks to inspire you.  Notice that we don't care about matching the dark prints in the four corners of the block to the center square.  Anything goes!!!  When the blocks are in the quilt, you won't care or notice if those corners are matched to the center.  They're all beautiful!!

I've had quite a lot of questions about The Circa 1880 Club, so I'd like to answer them here for you.

I am not selling the patterns or the templates on my website.  I created this program especially for quilt shops.  You can buy any of the Circa 1880 Club items from a participating shop.  

You can find the list of shops here.  This is not a complete list, however, as I know of many shops not listed here yet.  Many more are signing up as word of the Circa 1880 Club spreads.  So exciting!  So ask your LQS if they are joining the fun.

Many of you ask me what shade of Marcus' Aged Muslin I used in my quilt.  I used sku Y139-141D.  Remember.....each bolt of this very special fabric is hand dyed.  No two bolts are the same...very close, but not exact.  There are four shades of Aged Muslin.  Some are lighter with very little aging, and some are much darker.  You should judge for yourself.  The aging is the very thing that makes it perfect for replicating a vintage, aged quilt.  It gives the soft patina passing time gives to old quilts.  I love it!  

Another question....do you have to make the quilt in a year?  Certainly not!!  This quilt is meant to be a joyful journey.  It's an heirloom in the making.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  I am sharing many tips and hints in the Circa 1880 Club private Facebook group,  about ways to save time, organize and make lots of blocks in an hour which is how I completed my quilt in time.  But...you should make this quilt at your own pace.  Life happens....so no pressure from anyone!

Wishing you many happy stitches!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Escaping The Cold

My apologies for not having posted much the last few weeks.  With Mrs. Miller's Apprentice and the Circa 1880 Club both launching simultaneously, it's been crazy here.  

I also confess that my family took a cruise vacation to celebrate Nicki's graduation from nursing school and to celebrate her birthday.  We chose absolutely the best week to be gone from Chicago, escaping the bitter Polar Vortex cold!!   We basked in sunshine and 80 degree warmth the whole week.  It was a perfect break from winter!  

Besides filling orders and answering emails about Mrs. Miller and The Circa Club, my 2020 block of the month is now in the hands of Marcus Fabrics.  I'm presently working on designing new fabric additions to the Circa Basics group, which is very exciting, writing the manuscript for my second book with Martingale, and several new patterns I want to release at spring market.  Never a dull moment, but I rather like it that way!  

I'm still taking an hour everyday to stitch something.  Often Circa blocks to trade with my friends, and a new quilt for a new pattern.  It's a happy hour of stitching, for sure!  

A little piece of business....if I may.

Some of you have been messaging me through Facebook.  I know it may be an easy way to contact me, but I'm asking that you please, please email me instead.  I'll list my email address at the end of this post.  Often the questions are long and would involve me posting links which is not easy to do on Facebook with a phone in my hand.  The larger problem is I don't look at Facebook all that often, am not really familiar with all the different ways there are to send messages and often can't locate where the message is coming from to reply.  Very frustrating for me.  So I am kindly asking that you email me with all your questions, please.  I am very happy to answer you, it's just easier.

Another little frustration are the wonderful quilters who post comments on my blog and ask questions, only to see that your comments come via no-reply blogger.  I have no way of emailing you back.  For some reason I don't understand, I can't write replies on my own blog.  They just don't post!  So, I can't answer you that way either.  

If you don't have a registered Google ID listing your email address, please email your comments directly to me!!  Please!!  My contact info is listed on the blog sidebar, on my website and every pattern I print.

A shout out to SiamKitty.....you have asked many questions and left lovely comments that I am unable to respond to.  Please send me an email....I have the info you are asking for!!  Would love to hear from you!!

I do read every comment that is posted to my blog and deeply appreciate each and every one.   I wish I could easily respond to your comments but just haven't figured out what is wrong that I can't leave a comment.  If you know the answer, please email me!!  

So...that concludes my little business request.  I hope you understand that emailing is much easier (and private) than Facebook Messenger.  

I read email everyday - Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com

Here's hoping your cozy at home, warm and comfy, with something lovely to stitch.  

Be well......

Monday, February 4, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks

More lovely blocks to get your creative wheels turning.  I see many of the new Circa Prairie Basic prints in the blocks and those fabrics are coming to your LQS very soon.  A must have for your Circa 1880 Nine Patch blocks!!  They're a sweet collection of little prints sized perfectly for the Circa blocks! 

Wanna find out more about The Circa 1880 Club?  Sure!  Click here!! Look for the list of participating quilt shops at the bottom of the page.