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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Kentucky Crossroads ~ Coming Soon!

I recently acquired this lovely old quilt.  I immediately fell in love with this block, and I adore blue and white quilts.  I had to have it!  

When I returned home, I looked for the block in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia and found that this exact block is not in the book.  It's a unique version of the Kentucky Crossroads block.  A perfect name for the quilt, I thought.
The traditional piecing for the block requires a set-in Y seam.  Groan.  So, I drafted the block without a set-in seam.  Yay!
Hoping to have the quilt finished and photographed mid-July.  Pattern very soon afterward.  

It's been such a fun block to piece!!  Start stash diving for a bunch of dark prints that will make terrific blocks.  

Toodles for now.....keep on stitchin'!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks

The weeks are just flying by for me.  I'm still waiting for summer to begin.  We've had cool temperatures and tons of rain, rain, rain.  One good thing about all that rain is everyone's lawn and flower beds are lush.  So pretty.  

I have been busy making the blocks for my new pattern, Kentucky Crossroads.  The quilt will be a replica of an antique quilt I acquired with the coolest block!!  More about that in my next post.  

I presently have 3 quilts I'm making as leader/enders.  I think of all that time and thread I wasted before fully adopting leader/enders into my quilting life.  Thanks tons, Bonnie Hunter!

I'm off to visit with the ladies of East Cobb Quilters Guild later this week.  Then home for a week and then off again to Washington, D.C. and Maryland for visits at two shops: Traditions at the White Swan and Spring Water Designs.  

Keep on Stitchin', my friends!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks

I'm sure you can notice the significant improvement in the photo above of this week's Circa 1880 Nine Patch blocks.  I shot all the previous block photos on one day, and then the rest about a week later.  I tried a new location and it turned out so much better.  What the difference was....I'm not exactly sure.  I couldn't wait until these new, better photos were able to be used.  

It's been rather busy here this past week and this coming week looks to be the same.  Someone on TV said that when you ask anyone how they are, they say "busy but fine".  It that just how we all are now?

I'll be packing up lots of boxes to ship to the Atlanta area as I will be visiting the East Cobb Quilt Guild for lecture and workshops the following week.  

Hope you have a great week that's not too busy, but filled with fun.  Which for most of us means at least some time with needle and thread.  Be well......be happy!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Circa 1880 Nine Patch Blocks & Upcoming News

Can you believe we're nearing the half-way point?  Gosh...time if flying by in so many ways.  Way too fast!  Here's another batch of blocks that are in my quilt.

Very shortly, I will be releasing my Tokens of the Past: Gathering In Blue pattern!  I've been waiting on 10 inch precuts and bolts of Mrs. Miller's Apprentice to make up the kits.  I'm expecting it all to arrive this week.  

I've also been piecing blocks for a brand new quilt which will replicate an antique I own.  It's such a unique block and I'm having such fun making it all.  Look for sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook.

Time some time to slow down and enjoy the summer.  Do a little stitching on the porch!  As I started saying...time is flying by so quickly and I want to enjoy the summer myself.

More soon...thanks for visiting my blog!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Stitching With The Stars & Circa 1880 Blocks

One of my favorite events each year is Stitching With The Stars (formerly Primitives of the Midwest) hosted by Rita Briner and her quilt shop Quilter's Station
This event is so fun and a crazy wonderful opportunity to take classes from some of the best pro's in the industry!  

If you've never been - you need to seriously consider coming this year!  The classes are in the same hotel where you can stay making it oh-so-easy and convenient!  Quilter's Station is a hop, skip, jump from the hotel and is one of my all time favorite quilt shops in the country!  I won't even begin to tell you about the fabulous food in the area!!!  

Check out all of the details at the website link listed above or call the shop at 816/525-8955.

I sure hope to see you there!! 
Here's this week's batch of  Circa 1880 Nine Patch blocks.  If you are a participating club member...have you joined our private Facebook group?  You must get all of the Facebook group info from the quilt shop where you joined the Circa club.  

We have such fun in this group and have shared amazing hints and photos!  Don't miss out!

If you haven't joined us yet and are still considering....whatcha waiting for???  

We'd love to have you making blocks and the  quilt for yourself, trading blocks - or not - and being a part of the Circa Revolution!!   Click here for a list of participating shops.  Don't live near a participating shop?  There are many shops that will mail you everything you need!  

So much stitching fun....so little time.