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Friday, January 8, 2021

Under The Weather

 Hello, my quilt friends!

I have been under the weather most of the month of December....due to you-know-what.

Despite my best efforts not to catch Covid, my husband got it, and gave it to me.  Grrr!!! We are both very grateful to have had a relatively mild case.  Still, for weeks I had profound fatigue that has finally passed.  I am back to work, feeling great, and trying to catch up on things.  Glad it's over!

I have a bunch of new fabric color bank bundles in stock.

These pretty bundles are ready to ship today.

The thing I love about color bank bundles is you can boost those colors that may be a bit sparse in your stash.

I have many, many color bank bundles to choose from, and they make a great gift for yourself or a quilter friend.

This includes my favorite fabric category.....shirtings!!  Something I can't resist!

My new Block of the Month, ForeverMore, is just now beginning at many LQS!!  It's not too late to sign up to make this quilt.  Click here for a partial list of participating quilts shops.

Due to Covid, many, many fabric lines coming from overseas have been delayed.  This is happening to all fabric companies, and all fabric collections, including ForeverMore.

I'm happy to say that all of the fabrics are now in stock, at your LQS, and available at HeartspunQuilts.com.  Please patronize your LQS first!  We must support our LQS!!

If yours does not have ForeverMore in the shop, I now have all the prints available on bolts.....

Fat Quarter Bundles of the entire collection....

As well as 10 x 10 bundles!!  

Click here to see all of the ForeverMore prints.

Click here to see ForeverMore bundles.

I am preparing to receive my sample yardage for my next fabric collection, Primitive Traditions, very soon.  I've been writing patterns and getting things ready to sew six new projects!!  I can't wait to show it all to you!!  So exciting!

There are five more new fabric lines in production, and I'm making plans for new sew-alongs and Quilt Archaeology events!  Just trying to catch up from being away from work.  

Hoping you are all keeping your spirits up.  There's so much to be sad about when watching the news that I am so grateful to have my sewing, fabrics, and many quilting friends.  I retreat to my Happy Place as often as I can.  Hoping you are able to do the same.

Stay safe, be well.....and keep stitching!!