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Monday, March 28, 2022

Monday's With Marcus ~ Color Edition

Every Monday since February 14th, all of the Marcus Fabrics designers have been featuring small projects using the color RED, and talking about our favorite colors.  I hope you have been following along.  

You may remember my From the Heart Valentine quilt which featured red and pink for the Valentine holiday.

Today is my turn to talk about a favorite color.....black.  I think black has a very special effect with other colors.  We all know about wearing black, be it wearing an all black outfit, or pairing black with other colors.  The effect can be stunning.  

Have you notice that in the past few years, your grocery store's produce department changed to black shelving?  Oh, how it makes the colors of the produce really pop!  I've also see the conversion to black in the deli and meat sections, too.  Those changes didn't happen by accident....they know how much better food looks against a black background.  

In the world of home decor, adding a little black in a room has been advised by professionals for decades.  Depending on the quilt, adding black can truly make a big difference!  If you're familiar with my quilt designs, you know I have been a longtime believer in adding black to quilts.  I don't see it as a dark and dreary color.  Quite the opposite!  I feel it's a foundation that supports and makes the other colors shine brighter, just like the produce department.  To me, black is classic and traditional, and I feel very comfortable using it in my home, my quilts and my wardrobe.

For me, juxtaposition to black is the color orange or cheddar.  Love it in Halloween and fall quilts, but I have a hard time using it when replicating vintage quilts.  I've designed two cheddar fabric lines, and have really learned to love creating fabric in cheddar, but can't bring myself to make an all cheddar quilt I would display in my home.  I always say that if I was living in 1880, I wouldn't have liked it then either.  But....cheddar has a way of growing on you.  The more I create with it, the more I'm liking it.

As you see in the photos above, I've made my From the Heart quilt  in black and cheddar for Halloween.  

If you're like me and love Halloween, you can order a kit for this quilt while supplies last.  Click here to order the kit.

For a limited time, you can download the From the Heart pattern FREE here.

Click here to visit all of the Marcus Fabrics Designers to see the projects specially designed for The Colors of Marcus event!  

IN THE STUDIO......I'm working on a new Teeny Tiny Quilt Club project which I hope to debut in April.  Something really different and fun.  Old Blue Calicos is being delivered to your LQS right now.  More about that in my next post.  I have completed three future fabric lines and am working on more...all with new quilts to go with it.  And, more sew-alongs coming, too.  

You can always get news and see more up to the minute photos on Instagram and Facebook, so please follow me on social media.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well....