Monday, June 27, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

After a very busy year my husband, son and I escaped to sunny and very hot Scottsdale, AZ for a week of vacation beside the pool.  (Our daughter, Nicki, had stayed home to finish school and take care of our dog, Bella.)  The pool was the only place you could tolerate the 100+ temperatures!  We love it in Scottsdale and it was the perfect place to relax.  We ate the most delicious food and enjoyed tropical drinks by the pool.  I listened to two audio books and stitched a few basket blocks and loads of hexigons.  We're back home now and trying to get back into the groove of normal work and home life.  It was much easier to get into relaxing by the pool!!  Ahh......lovely memories.

Check back here for a big announcement that has been months in the making!  I'm so excited!!
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by to visit!


  1. Wish we would have been there at the same time. Would have been fun to meet. Did you do any shop hopping?

  2. a week by the pool sounds good right about now
    ok,, can't wait for the big announcement how long do we actually have to wait?????

  3. Sounds Wonderful. You sound relaxed and happy.
    I love listening to books while I sew too.
    Love surprises

  4. Glad you had a good vacation. Can't wait to hear the surprise!!

  5. You just gave me a great idea for my "stay at home" vacation! I can't wait to hear your announcement!!!

  6. Well of course we missed you, silly!! You flew right over CO and didn't stop in to see me? :-(

    Glad to hear that you got a well deserved vacation in and can't wait to hear/see what you've been working on. The suspense is killing me! LOL