Monday, June 6, 2011

June is for Strawberries!!!!

Good Monday Everyone!

First things first.....we have a winner!  The Random Number Generator chose number congratulations go to Jill!  Please email me with your address, Jill, and I will get your fat quarter bundle off to you so you can start stitchin'!!

My thanks to eveyone who took the time to comment about their busy and not-so-busy lives.  I sure was comforted to read that I'm certainly not alone living a busy life.  I'd like to clarify what "busy" means to me.  If I had to choose between being bored or busy, I'd choose busy every time.  I definitely choose to lead a busy (lets call it 'full') life and while I certainly have things to do that feel every bit the chore they are, I am fortunate that I have fun and adventuresome things keeping me busy as well.  When "busy" becomes a lifestyle like ~ I'm running to catch a train ~ all of the time....then that's way too busy!  From your comments, some of you have trains to catch yourselves.  I seem to be in that mode for a bit longer than I'd like.  I need the train to pull into the station, perhaps go in for repairs for awhile before I get back on!!

I did take some time to arrange a few of my favorite things in the house ~ Strawberries!  If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll remember awhile ago I talked about decorating the house for holidays, etc, and how I've scaled way back over the years, and have gone to arranging a few vignettes from time to time. 

Well, June is strawberry month here.  The treenware on the kitchen island holds several large wool strawberries hiding in the back, a wool pillow and framed cross stitch.  Among my favorite strawberries are the 3 at the bottom right corner of the photo, which are ordinary rocks that a talented tole painter transformed into strawberries! 

This strawberry display is in our family room.  The framed wool applique is a design by the Need'l Love company from their Strawberry Threads book.  A strawberry sampler, antique plate and a bunch of little wool strawberries round out the vignette.  It really doesn't take much to make a cute display and I love changing things up.  Now this is the kind of decorating I can find time for!

Do I have a strawberry quilt, you say?  Oh, a kit somewhere....but I'm too busy.........


  1. Sweet vignettes...makes me hungry!

  2. Pam, you are so right. I am not happy when my hands are not busy.

    Those strawberries are so cute!!! The wool ones are my favotite. I love the Need'l Love designs. Thanks for sharing. Karen Schultz

  3. Your strawberry vignettes are so adorable. I love strawberries and have a few pincushion. I also have the Need'l Love picture all glued and ready for stitching. Your post might just be the inspiration I need.