Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy Work Show N Tell ~ Part One

It is my pleasure to show you the photos so many talented quilters have sent in of my very first Pocket Patchwork sew-along!  I have about 30 photos to share with you, so I'll have to post in two parts.  Blogger won't let me post that many photos all at once!!  I am thrilled with the response to my sew-along, and thank all of you, including the hundreds of you that haven't sent in pictures!! 

Right now, I am sewing up the next Pocket Patchwork project.  It's taken a lot longer than I would have liked only because I don't have a lot of time to sew right now. (sigh)  I'm working on two new fabric lines, finishing Journey 4, along with an active travel schedule.  All good things to be sure, but that makes other things go a bit slower. 

Let's get to the photos of your Busy Work Quilts!  Tomorrow, I will post the winner for the Fat Eighth bundle, and tease you with a few more details about the next sew-along!  For now....enjoy the show.....

Barb from Massachusettes
Bea from France
Billie from Texas
Carol from Nebraska

Cheryl from Illinois

Barb from Illinois

Dale from California
Doniene from Texas

Gretchen from Illinois

Jaci from Illinois

Jan from Utah
Jill from Oregon

Karen from Minnesota

Laurie from Utah

Isn't it great to see all the different versions!  More coming in my next post! 



  1. Wow - sew many different color combos! Can't wait for the tease tomorrow!

  2. Oh gosh... beautiful show and tell of everyone's Busy Work! But Oh darn! I had company over the weekend and meant to get mine quilted! These are all so sweet... now I really need to get mine completed... so I can at least be ready for the next one? Right Pam???

  3. So gorgeous...I love this parade! Thanks for posting!

  4. How lovely a parade - all just gorgeous in their interpretation of color and fabrics.

  5. They are all just so lovely! Isn't it wonderful how one pattern can inspire so many different looks!! That's quilting - and isn't it wonderful!! Looking forward to the rest of the show!!

    Thanks Pam!


  6. wow they are all just so beautiful!

  7. Thank you for sharing. Everyone of them is fantastic! I only wish I had time to finish mine...all cut out but not sewn yet :(!

  8. These are all wonderful! I think mine must be in the next grouping.

  9. OH, I really enjoyed those 2 posts of show and tell. Some really great fabric combinations.