Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road Trip Review ~ Brimfield & Sturbridge

After leaving Lancaster, PA, Lynne and I headed for the neighboring towns of Brimfield & Sturbridge, MA.  The main reason for this entire trip was to attend the Vintage Textile show on Monday.  
We weren't the only ones!  The show (which didn't allow us to take photos) was full of vintage apparel from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, as well as vintage fabrics of all kinds.  
We spent the better part of the day hunting for old fabrics and were quite successful.  That afternoon, we wanted to visit the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell,'s closed on Monday.  Bummer!  

 The next two days were spent in antiquing heaven!  The Brimfield shows are renown as the biggest and best antique shows in the US.  There are 12 shows, 3000+ vendors over a 5 day period.  There is just no way you could see it all!  Lots, and lots, and lots of people shopping....some we heard are out there before dawn with flash lights!  (Um...that would not be us!)

Brimfield really is all about true antiques.  You won't find anyone selling knock-off designer clothes or 8-track tapes.  But....there are way more "eeehhhh" booths than wonderful ones like this.  You have to work to find the good ones.....but oh....are they worth it!

 Good stuff everywhere!  It's so fun to explore and find interesting items and discover what they were used for.

Like this.....used to stencil crates, boxes, and anything else you'd want to mark.  

 Of course...some treasures just grab your heart and have to come home.....
Like this sweet little sampler.....

The small red bowl with original red paint (swoon).....

.....and this awesome biscuit box which now resides in my kitchen.  Lynne and I had a wonderful time in MA.  Our only disappointments were missing the New England Quilt Museum and the Sturbridge Village living history museum (it was pouring rain the afternoon we planned to go there.)  All the more reason to go back!  

On our way home, we made a bit of a detour to shop at the Seville Antique Mall in Seville, OH.  
OMG....what a place.  I'll take you there in my next post.


  1. Holy cow! I must go to this piece of heaven !! Thank you for sharing and I will wait the next post!

  2. Wow--made me think of the PBS show "Market Warriors". How would you pick and choose. So much cool stuff in your photos. Looks like more than a body could absorb. : )

  3. Wow! I think I would've needed a truck to haul it all back. Lots of great loot there.

  4. SO....did you buy one of the samplers??

  5. Wow - what a trip!! I'm just trying to imagine how long it would have taken the stall/booth holders to transport all their goodies and set up?!

  6. The New England Quilt Museum is not all that great. I was not impressed and actually went outside to see if we had missed a floor of the building.

  7. Awesome, I've always wanted to do the Brimfield show - I have heard they are great - Have you ever been to the Round Top, Texas shows? Makes me want to load up and take a car trip.

  8. oh boy! some BEEutiful stuff there. I'd love to have some of those pieces! Wouldn't we all?

  9. What a great trip!! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!