Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tie A String Around Your Finger!!

I have two important reminders for you today, so tie a string around your finger, write a Post-It note, set an alarm on your phone, and don't forget.......

Tomorrow, Friday, October 3rd is the final installment and BIG REVEAL of our 

Marcus Fabrics Designer Friends & Companions Sew-Along!!!

Visit Red Crinoline's Blog to see what your quilt looks like!  It's gorgeous!!  You'll receive the finishing instructions for the quilt and they'll post a photo as well.  Betcha can't wait!!
Be sure to leave a comment on Red Crinoline's blog for a chance to win this pile of goodies in our Grand Prize Give-away!!  There's all kinds of goodness in this basket.  Someone has to win...why not you?!  But, you can't win if you don't comment, right?

Reminder #2.....

Next week, I'll begin a long trip.  My first stop is to visit Huckleberry Patches Quilt Shop in McCall, Idaho!  I've never been to Idaho before, and I'm so looking forward to it.  

I'll be giving a lecture/trunk show on Friday, October 10th, with three classes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We'd love to have you join the fun.  If you're interested, please call the shop at 208-634-4933 to sign up.  

My next stop will have me literally traveling the Oregon Trail (in today's version of a in mini-van!) on my way to the National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier, Idaho.  This national park is hosting me for lecture and workshop offerings October 16th & 17th.  If you're interested in attending, just give the Trail Center a call at 208-847-3800.

From there, my hubby and I will be spending a little vacation time in Wyoming, visiting Jackson Hole, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Casper.  We will part company, with my hubby returning home as I go on to attend Fall Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. 

You can count on me for photos and details of my trip when I get back home.  

If you live in Idaho or Wyoming and have any advice on things to do, not to be missed, good restaurants, antiquing, and quilt shops, please email me at

There's nothing like getting travel advice from those who live in the area and know it best.   


  1. McCall is a very pretty place. I think you will like it. When my daughter lived in Idaho it was on the way. I will be in Idaho on the 10th for a quilt class, but not that far north!
    Jackson, the Tetons, Yellowstone--those are some of our family's favorite vacation spots, but we mostly camped and hiked, so aren't familiar with the restaurants, shops, and hot spots so much.
    When you are at the Oregon/California Trail Center you will only be a couple of hours away. I know a gal who will be there. She lives in that area.

  2. Have a fabulous vacation and fun!

  3. This has been my first time doing any sew alongs with Heartspun Quilts and its too bad I can't leave a comment on Red Crinoline's because they don't have anonymous for those of us who don't blog. It's been fun and I will continue to follow Heartspun Quilts. I enjoyed it. Laura V.