Friday, November 20, 2015

A Prairie Gathering Quilt of the Quarter ~ Month Eleven

We gather together once again for our chat about assembling A Prairie Gathering ~ Quilt of the Quarter program.  My's month eleven and our quilt has really grown!  

This is an exciting month!!  We're assembling and adding the Large Triangle Sawtooth border!  In many ways, I really feel this border makes the medallion standout.  It's showy and eye-catching without being too difficult to piece.  You'll finish making a whole lotta Half Square Triangles for this baby, and then, it's time to put it all together.  So...let's begin!
You'll choose four assorted HST's and sew them together, making sure they measure what they should.
And then choose five assorted HST's, sew and measure.  Try to choose nine different print combos if you can.  
Sew a red triangle to the correct ends of the HST strips.  Let the graphics in your pattern be your guide.  Carefully, and gently press the red triangles as there's exposed bias there!
Sew the short strip to the large red triangle first.  Be doubly gentle and careful as there's 2 bias edges on this one!  Stay away from using steam until the unit is completely sewn!!
Sew the larger HST strip to the triangle: gently press.  That wasn't too bad, right?!
Now you can sew the medium red print triangles to the pieced unit.  Again...bias, bias everywhere!  Take your time, use those fine patchwork pins that are so wonderful and don't distort your piecing.  Sew and gently press.  
All done!  Now you can steam press your block so it lay nice and flat!  (You can still see the steam marks in my block - teehee!  It was hot off the press!)  Before proceeding, make sure the blocks all measure what they should. 
They sure look good together, don't they?!  Follow the instructions in your pattern for piecing the blocks for the borders.  
Those top and bottom borders get a large HST, too!  Oh, I hope you enjoy piecing your Large Triangle Sawtooth border as much as I did.  And, it sure looks wonderful when added to your quilt.  

Soon, very soon, your Prairie Gathering quilt will be complete, and you'll have pieced an heirloom in 2015!  So very exciting!  

As we're all preparing to give thanks and spend time with family and friends, I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder to spend a little time piecing your Tucker Sew-Along quilt!  I'm collecting more and more photos of Tuckers made around the world everyday, and I don't want to miss yours!!

Please email your Tucker photo to (as an attachment, please!) by December 15th.  

Also, watch my next post for another fabric scrap give-away!  We've been busy cutting and making all kinds of new things, and once again, I have so many more fabric scraps that I just can't use!!  Several boxes full will be sent to good homes!!!