Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday's With Marcus BIG REVEAL!!!


Today is our Monday's With Marcus BIG REVEAL day!!  We're all so excited to offer you twelve new, small projects for your stitching pleasure.  Watch our slide show (above) to see all of the designers' projects.  Many of us are offering kits!!  

Star Maker Mini Runner ~ Version One by Pam Buda

This is my sweet little mini runner, called Star Maker.  It measures 5 1/2" x 17" and is easy, peasy to piece.  
I had so much fun making the first one, I made a second one in another colorway.  It's very versatile!  

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I love mini runners because you can do so much with them.  You can see earlier posts about mini runners here.  So, I decided to design another mini runner, because quite frankly, they're doable and affordable.

I have a limited amount of kits for both versions of my Star Maker Mini Runners.  You can order your kit here.  They will ship to you right away.

The beauty of this is that by having the kit ahead of time, you can sew along with me on my spotlight day, October 19thThat day, you will also be able to download the pattern for free!!

The same idea applies to all of my Marcus Fabrics sister designers!  So, as you watch the slide show above, if you love other projects, visit their website, and buy the kit(s) while supplies last!  
Then, be sure to visit them on their spotlight day for video tutorials, and their free patterns. 

Now...what is not to love about Monday's With Marcus?!!!  We're making Mondays a good day!

Here is the link to our Monday's With Marcus home page so you can always find all of the designers and know exactly where to go.  

Oh....and one more fun thing....visit Monday's With Marcus' Facebook page.  Be sure to Like/Follow/Share each week to win fabric prizes and much more!!!!!  

Buy your Star Maker Mini Runner before they're all gone!  

Thursday, September 17, 2020

October Treat ~ Quilt Archaeology Reveal!

I'm so jazzed!!  Today is the day I can reveal my new Quilt Archaeology sew along project, called October Treat!

This sweet antique is the quilt (or quilt block) that inspired me.  It has a lot of wonderful elements to it and was fun to play with.  While this little gem is very versatile, it always spoke "Halloween" to me!  
Quilt Archaeology ~ October Treat ~ Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts
I took a little creative license with this quilt as I added a small black star inside the larger black star.  The original antique only has one star.  If you prefer just one star, you can certainly cut a plain square for the center of the large star.  I thought it was more dramatic with two stars, and LOVE the cheddar and black fabric combo!

Halloween is one of my favorite home-decor times of year, and I'm working on growing my collection of Halloween quilts.
I hope you love this little quilt as much as I do!!  And as with every Quilt Archaeology sew along, I offer a FREE quilt kit with a qualifying order!!!!!  

YES....FREE FREE, FREE!  And....there's a change on how I'm doing things this time...and I think you'll really like it!  So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and read the details below.  This is gonna be SO FUN!! 

Beginning right now, and thru Sunday night, Sept 20th, place an order of $35 or more (shipping not included) on my website for anything you'd like, and you will receive a kit for October Treat free, free, free!! 

Now, normally, this is where I post the yardage requirements for those folks wanting to use their own fabric.  And, you can certainly use your own fabrics.  But, this time, I am offering a FREE pdf download of the pattern!  Yardage, cutting instructions and directions!

I will still sew along with you, giving you any hints and tips along the way, but if you want to have it all cut up, and ready to go, this will help you.  

You will find my October Treat download, and all future downloads, on my website here.
You will go through the shopping cart, and not pay any money, or shipping.  You will receive an email containing the pattern download link.  That's it!  Easy Peasy!

I highly recommend preparing your fabric yardage with spray starch or sizing.  This helps immensely with every step of piecing.  No special rulers are required to make this quilt.

In case you're in the mood for more Fall quilts.....

Here is Cobbler's Crossing.  I have just two kits left...or you can order the pattern alone, of course.

This is Past & Present.....

The ever popular Waltzing Leaves...

And, the newest addition....Hallow's 
Eve, one of many lovely quilts in my 
Vintage Treasures book. 

It won't be hard to qualify for a free October Treat kit.  Just place an order for $35 or more (shipping not included) on my website, and I will automatically pack your kit with your order!  

I will have your orders packed and shipped just as quickly as I can.  I am very excited to begin our sew along!

The first instruction for October Treat will begin Friday, October 2nd and run four consecutive weeks, ending Friday October 23rd.   Just in time for our spooky holiday!  

It's so important for me to thank each and every one of you for supporting my little business.  I know you have many, many choices for quilting goodies, and I appreciate each and every order, email and social media comment.  This free little kit and pattern is my way of thanking you for allowing me to keep on creating the things we love.  So...a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to all!!  

Let's get ready for our new sew along!  Click here to go shopping! 

I encourage you to follow me on 

Instagram and Facebook for behind-the-scenes posts that don't appear here on the blog.  

Be well, my friends....keep on stitching!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Learn From My Mistake

This quilt was made a few years ago.  It has a big problem.  Perhaps you can't tell from the photo, but it's very apparent in person.  
You see, I chose a very sweet background print with colorful flowers for this scrappy quilt.  (The quilt is featured in my Tokens of the Past: Nine Patch Reverie pattern and is one of many quilts in the pattern.)  The little print is in a grid format.
When the top was complete,  I knew there was something was as if the background was psychedelic!  It kinda whirled, and swirled, and made you dizzy.  
It was then I realized that this is a quilt with a lot of angles, what with the blocks on point, and all of their seams, and the setting side and corner triangles.  All of these parts disrupted the grid pattern and had it going in every which direction.  Not good - not good at all!  I couldn't use it for my pattern cover so I made a new one with a calmer, non-directional fabric.

So this sweet little quilt sat folded for about a year when I decided to have it quilted.  

It looks just fine folded up, and no one will see what's happening in the crazy edges of the quilt.  And....I think it's a perfect project to use some of those scrappy binding pieces I've been saving.

So....please learn from my mistake.  Think about your background fabric and how it will be used in your chosen quilt.  I use grid printed fabrics all the time, but never again as a single background in an on-point setting quilt.  We learn something new everyday!  

I finally finished my new Quilt Archaeology quilt over the weekend.  I'll be taking photos, and putting the finishing touches on the pattern tomorrow, and getting everything ready for you.  

You will find everything you need to know about my new Quilt Archaeology right here on my blog.  

The BIG REVEAL is coming 
Friday, October 18th!!!!  

I can't wait!!  

As always, my dear quilting friends, do stay safe, be well, and keep stitchin', because it's what's good for your soul.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A Big Mess

Welcome to my mess.  This is just one messy corner of my sewing studio and every corner pretty much looks like this one.  Does this happen to you?

The quilts on the design wall are from my first book with Martingale, called Vintage Patchwork.  Other goodies on the design wall are paper prints of my next fabric line, and below that, photos of fabrics I am auditioning for a new collection.  On the floor???  Lots of piles of fabric that I know look like a giant mess (and is!) but it's a creative mess, and I know what's in every pile and bag.  

But....enough is enough!

I'm fortunate to have a room dedicated to my sewing and my business.  We built our home 25 years ago, and my studio was updated about 17 years ago, but not since then.  I've been way too busy to shut this room down and empty it out to have it painted.  I'm still very busy.....

But again....enough is enough and I need an update!  

So, very, very soon, I will have to empty this entire space, lock, stock and fabric stash for new flooring, fresh paint and window treatments.  I know it will look nice when it's complete, but the 'getting there' is rather painful.  UGH!  I'd rather be sewing!  

So...wish me luck on my merge & purge.  

I have promised a new Quilt Archaeology.  I thought it would be this week, but I'm just a little behind as I am hand quilting the quilt, and it's going slower than I had hoped.  I promise, no matter week, we'll be into it!  

Also....all of the designers at Marcus Fabrics are counting the weeks to the launch of 
Click here for more info on Monday's With Marcus!

Lots of good stuff keep me busy.  Lots of fabric and quilt designing.  Orders, printing patterns, and now and again...some sewing time.  Staying home a lot to stay safe and keep everyone else safe.  Good thing I'm a home-body at heart!

Stay safe yourself, be well, and keep on stitchin'

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Home Sweet Home Quilt Kit Pre-Order!

It won't be long and the new Red & Green Quilts book (by Martingale Publishing) will be delivered mid-November.  The moment I completed my quilt, Home Sweet Home, I stocked and saved enough fabric for a limited amount of quilt kits!  

Right now, you can PRE-ORDER a kit for my Home Sweet Home quilt, and the brand new book, Red & Green Quilts

Your kit will include all of the exact same fabrics I used to make my original quilt!!!  I've held onto those fabrics and saved them for months and months just waiting for this book to come out.  Your kit also includes a personalized, autographed copy of the Red & Green Quilts book......and FREE shipping within the United States.

I only have a small, limited amount of kits available, so don't delay if you'd really like one. 

Your kit and book will ship mid-November. 

Quilt size is 59 x 71

Click here to read about my Home Sweet Home quilt kit Pre-Order.

Click here to Pre-order a personalized, autographed copy of the Red & Green Quilts book without the kit.

My next Quilt Archaeology is coming very soon........

Stay safe, be well.....keep stitching!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Monday's With Marcus

Something wonderful has been brewing between myself and my Marcus Fabrics designing sisters!!   We've been plotting and planning some fun stuff!  Wanna know more?  Read on....
More information coming very soon.  Mark your calendars and be sure to tell a friend!  

Monday, August 24, 2020

ForeverMore Original

Did you miss me??  I missed you!!  As you may have expected, I was consumed with completing my ForeverMore block of the month quilt so it could be sent off to the quilter.   And then finished writing the pattern so it could send off for proofreading.  Both elements are now in the hands of professionals....thank goodness!  
I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the antique quilt that has the wonderful ForeverMore border print.
This beat-up, wrinkled quilt top with holes and rips was balled up in a box on the floor of a booth at an antique shop in MA.  Not pretty at all.  
It's a very weird Log Cabin design with some kind of cigarette or cigar prints in the center of each block.  I don't care if it's pretty or what kind of condition it's in.  I just want to see the fabrics.
As I opened it up and began searching the fabrics, my heart about leaped out of my chest when I spotted this print.  It's really rare to find a lovely print such as this.  Really rare...and you just never know where or when you will.  
This is likely one of my all-time-favorite prints I've ever had the pleasure of reproducing.  I didn't change one thing about it except to make a wee bit bigger.  I love it both the original brown color and in the new red.  I sure hope you do, too!  

Are you beginning to see ForeverMore offered at shops near you?  Shop owners are signing up now, so be sure to ask about it at your local shop!  

While I may not have been blogging, that doesn't mean I was not busy planning things for the future.  Here's just a few things to look forward to:

* a new Quilt Archaeology in just a few short weeks!
* a fall sew along
* a big, fun special event (you're gonna love) from all of the Marcus Fabrics designers
* a new compilation book from Martingale Publishing
* very exciting new fabric line being introduced in name a few!

I'm hoping I won't be too busy in the coming weeks to blog.  I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for behind-the-scenes posts that don't appear here on the blog.  

Be well, my friends....keep on stitching!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Plumberry Winners

I always have a lot of fun reading your blog comments and this batch was really great!  It's amazing how alike we all are.  We have so much in common.  

I though you'd like to know how I would answer the question....

When I complete a project, the first thing I do is hang it on my design wall to admire it and celebrate its completion.  I leave it there for awhile while I clean up the sewing room.  I can't begin another project until my mess in cleaned.  I also cut scraps into small squares for other projects, and sort the rest of the scraps so they can be filed by color in my big scrap bins.  

I almost never take a photo of the quilt myself because most of them are professionally photographed, but your comments did make me think about those little quilts I make just for me, and how I've never photographed those at all.  I really need to!  We all look forward to the moment of completion, and always, always have another project to jump into.  

I decided to draw three winners this time.  My daughter, Nicki, chose them randomly.

 Amy said......

Plumberry is gorgeous! I'll check with the LQS that carries repros after I get back from the beach. And to answer your question: Right after I complete a really big quilt project, the first thing I do is make a baby or doll quilt from the scraps.
Joyful Quilter said......

Take lots of pictures! Although I normally take pictures throughout the whole process, it is wonderful to have a picture of the quilt, the quilt design and the binding! Second thing is to clean my sewing room which gets totally ignored while I'm sewing.
KW said.....

I do some binding. I always have a stack of quilts waiting for binding and labels. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful purple fabrics. They will play nicely in my collection ;)

Congratulations!  Please email you mailing address to me at 

About commenting on my blog.....

Some of you let me know that you didn't see your comment publish right away, so you commented several times thinking it didn't go through.  I'm so sorry about that.  Let me explain why this happens.  

About a year ago, I began to be bombarded with sick, disgusting, and pornographic spam comments along with your lovely ones.  The only way to stop them was for me to moderate and screen them.  I still get them, but comments don't get published until I read them and publish them myself.  I mark all the junk as spam.  

I try to keep up with all the comments and usually do so once a day.  All comments are sent to me in an email first.  For the blog contests, I tuck all of your lovely comments into a folder and that is where I draw my winners.  So, if you don't see your comment right away, it's because I haven't reviewed and published them to the blog.  I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm trying to save you all from reading the filth.  

The other thing that is a bit frustrating for me is when you comment asking me a question and you are registered as "no-reply blogger", which means you don't have a Google profile.  I am unable to contact you to answer your question.  

Should anyone have a question for me, no matter the subject, you can always reach me by email at

Do not depend on Facebook Messenger to contact me as I rarely look there.  Email is always the best.

Here's what's happening in my studio....

Right now...I am about 3/4 of the way finished with ForeverMore.  The quilt is coming together beautifully, and the pattern is as well.  

I have chosen the next Quilt Archaeology project which I think we be in early September, and a fall sew along as well.  More fun stuff for us to do together!  

Can you even believe it's August???!!!!

Stay safe, everyone and stitch, stitch, stitch!  Be well.....

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Plumberry Is Here!!

Plumberry Is Here!!!

It always seems like such a long, long wait until a new fabric collection finally arrives.  When it's finally here, I want to celebrate!  

Historic reproduction fabrics in shades of purple are few and far between.  It's been a few years now since my first plum collection, Old Plum Calicoes was out, and this one is long overdue!

I can see on social media that Plumberry is also arriving at your local quilt shop, so please....go there and buy a bunch!  They really need your patronage to make up for being closed, and I always encourage you to support your LQS before buying from me.  It's so important!  
There are thirteen purple prints in shades from lavender to eggplant, and seven assorted light prints with plum-colored motifs.  

Even if you wouldn't make yourself an entirely purple color quilt, adding shades of plum to your historic repro quilts is just wonderful.  I love them!  

If your LQS does not carry Plumberry, I have fat quarter bundles and yardage on my website, available now!

Click here to order Plumberry Fat Quarter Bundles.

Click here to shop Plumberry yardage.

To celebrate the arrival of  Plumberry, I'm offering a give-away!  
I have several Plumberry Fat Eighth bundles and my new Nan's Fancy quilt pattern (quilt made with Plumberry, of course) to give away.

Leave a comment on the following question by midnight Saturday.  I'll randomly choose a couple of comments to receive this prize.  

Finish this sentence.....Right after I complete a really big quilt project, the first thing I do is......

In the meantime, everyone....stay safe, keep on stichin because it keeps our sanity!! 
Be well...

Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Little Summer Breeze

I bet you're wondering what a summer breeze has to do with fabric and quilting?  Well....this is a short story about how orphan blocks have saved the day.  

We all can relate to a summer breeze moving things around on our outdoor patio.  No sooner would I clean and set the table with place mats and the breeze would move them around or toss them on the floor. 
An idea struck a solution with some orphan blocks I had laying in a drawer.  I made pinkeep/paper weights out of them!  
Problem solved......and..they're so darn cute on the table!
I bought these 2 glass jars with lids (Hobby Lobby) to store them when not in use.  
They look really good on the patio cabinet counter.  Orphans to the rescue!

Hope this gives you an idea of another way to use an orphan block.  I'll be outside enjoying the beautiful weather we're having at the moment.  I try to be out there at least once a day to experience summer while it's here.  It's gonna really heat up over the weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.  Stay safe and keep on creating!
Be well.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Plumberry Coming Soon!

Plumberry is about to be delivered to your LQS!  It's been such a long time since we've had a collection of historic reproduction fabrics in all shades of purples and plums.  The wait is nearly over.
I made my quilt, Nan's Fancy, using Plumberry and am so, so happy with how it turned out.
Here's a bunch of blocks using Plumberry.  It's so nice to see the fabric pieced into blocks.  
The quilt is now quilted and I'm binding it in the evenings.  
I took these photos on my patio in the shade so you can see the quilting.  It makes the colors look darker than they are.
With the Plumberry collection about to be delivered soon, this is the last call for anyone who would like a kit for my Nan's Fancy quilt made with Plumberry.    You have until Friday, July 17th to order the kit with a $25 deposit.  Click here for all the details.

Be sure to ask for Plumberry at your LQS!!  

Stay safe and Be Well......

Monday, July 13, 2020

Introducing ForeverMore ~ My NEW Block of the Month!!

To say I'm excited to finally show you my new BOM quilt is an understatement!  I've been working on this project for so long and couldn't utter a peep.  But I am silent to more!


My new BOM is a truly traditional quilt with some of the oldest fabrics I've ever had the pleasure to reproduce!  I chose some really fun-to-piece sampler blocks, along with a collection of small blocks, that all surround the Starburst center.

Wait until you see the gorgeous fabrics!  Don't wanna wait?
I completely here to see my ForeverMore collection.

I'll also be showing you tons more photos in the coming weeks as I am piecing and writing this program right now.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more behind-the-scenes photos, too.  

ForeverMore begins in January and runs for 12 months.  Please ask for my ForeverMore BOM program at your favorite quilt shop.  

Plumberry is about to be delivered to your LQS!!  My quilt, made with Plumberry, is almost done, so I'll have photos of the fabrics, and the quilt, in my next post.  

Until then, stay safe, be well....and keep on stitching!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Cardboard Insert Finishing Instructions for any Project

July 4th wool project and Antebellum quilt ~ FREE patterns from Pam Buda of
I don't always want my projects to hang on the wall, or become pinkeeps or paper weights.  I often want them to stand up as if they were framed, without the expense of having them framed, so this idea seems to be a good alternative.   Here's the simple method I created to do just that.
I'm using my July 4th freebie project as my sample, but you can do this to any small quilt, wool applique or cross stitch project.  You will want to adjust the border measurements according to the size of the project you're working with.  You don't have to have a border, so keep that in mind as an option as well.

At the end of this post, you can download/print the written instructions for this tutorial, saving you from scribbling notes for these steps.  (Click here to get the July 4th wool project above.)

To begin, I added a 1 1/2" cut border to my July 4th top.  Measure the length and width of your top including the new added border.  Cut a piece of scrap batting to the same size.

Cut a piece of lining fabric the same size as your top.  I used a light print so you can clearly see which piece is which piece for the technique, but you can choose to have the fabrics match the border, and/or backing, or use up scraps.
Cut a backing fabric the same size as your project.  Using a disappearing marker or pen, measure and draw a line 3/4 of an inch along the bottom edge.  Fold the backing, wrong sides together, along the marked line and press.
Sew a top stitch seam 1/4" from the folded edge to give it a nice finish.
Cut (2) 1 1/2" squares (mine are red) and fold each one in half diagonally, wrong sides together, forming a triangle.  
Layer your project components as follows:  
*project top facing down
*inside lining face up
*place the two triangles in the bottom corners of the project on the back
*backing face up

Pin all around and stay stitch 1/8" on all four sides of the project.  This will hold all the components in place when you sew the binding.

Prepare the smallest width binding you are comfortable using.  I used (2) strips cut 1 7/8" wide for single fold binding.  

When calculating binding for another project, here is the math formula:

L+L+W+W+10 inches, divided by 40 = how many strips to cut at the width you desire.

Bind as you usually would.

Cut a piece of cardboard or tag board 1/2 inch smaller than your project size.  You don't want to use a box as that is too thick.  I used cardboard that I took from the back of a pad of paper.  You can also use a cereal box.

Insert the cardboard between the lining and the backing.  Tuck the bottom corners into the two triangles.

Voila!!!  Easy, peasy!!  It's ready to be displayed anywhere with a decorative easel.

Click here to download/print my Cardboard Insert Finishing Instructions.

 I hope my tutorial and technique help you find new ways to enjoy your many stitching projects.   The tutorial will remain on my blog for you to reference anytime in the future.

 I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for behind-the-scenes posts that don't appear here on the blog.  Share this post with your quilting friends!  

Be well, dear readers....keep on stitching!