Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday's with Marcus ~ Designs by Sarah J ~ Sarah Maxwell

Can you believe this is the eighth Monday with Marcus designers?  Wow....time is flying by, and if you've been waiting for this particular Monday, wait no more!  Sarah Maxwell has been a Marcus designer for a very long time.  She switched from designing historic reproduction prints to a more modern style, and boy is she good at it!!  She is also a book author and quilt shop owner, partnered with another Marcus designer you met a few weeks ago, Dolores Smith.  Together, they own the Homestead Hearth quilt shop.

Don't forget to visit Monday's With Marcus Facebook page to LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE for a chance to win this week's fabric giveaways!!  Love this!!  

Did you know that this week, all of the designers of #MartingaleTPP new book, Red & Green Quilts, are offering a FREE book giveaway??  Many are offering other prizes as well.  

Visit each designer's Instagram account, FOLLOW them, and read their Instagram post for what to do to win a book/prizes!!  That's it!  Many thanks for Martingale Publishing for supplying the books to give-away!!  Yay!  Here are all the designers' links.

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@minickandsimpson #minicksimpson
@yardgrl60.    #susanache
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@karenatsomerset #somersetpatchwork
@carol_hopkins_designs #carol_hopkins_designs
@modalissa #modalissa
@martingaletpp ##madewithmartingale 


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