Friday, October 16, 2020

Quilt Archaeology ~ October Treat ~ Part Three

 I love meeting like this...that we have a date every Friday.  These days, it's about the safest way to get together.  It's all very sad and frustrating, isn't it!  But....we sew to keep ourselves busy, in a happy place, and sane!  Let's get started on our next steps.

We begin by sewing our E and L strips together.  Take your time sewing strips.  Yes, they're easy but often the raw edges can slip from alignment causing them to be wider or narrower than they should be.  Sew slowly, watching to be sure the raw edges of both fabrics are perfectly even.  When sewn, set the seam and press to the dark.  I highly recommend finger pressing first, especially with strip sets, to be sure you really get into the nitty gritty of the seam.  We don't want any folds or puckers!  Then, give it a good press.  Measure, measure the entire length of the strip set to be sure it's 2 1/2" wide.  If the section now and fix it.  You'll be happy you did later.

Rotary cut a clean edge from one end of the strip set, then cut (8) Two-Patches according to the pattern directions.  
Sew them into Four Patches and check measurement.
From the remaining E/L strip set, cut (4) border strip sets.  

Sew the side strips sets to the Double Star block; press.  Sew the Four Patch units to each end of the top and bottom strip sets, then sew to the quilt center.  Measure your block!!  

That's all for this week.  We will complete the quilt next Friday.  It's been so fun to sew with you.

I've been working on my Monday's With Marcus video and making samples to share hints with you.  We are getting ready to make the video later this week.  Honestly, I have no idea how it's gonna turn out.  It may be a comedy video of bloopers, my friends.  Parish the though ;-)

Our entire house looks like a bomb went off as we're having the kitchen painted.  You know how that is...everything from in there is everywhere else.  It's gonna go on like that for several more weeks because as soon as the kitchen is all back in place, I begin to dismantle my sewing room for the renovation in there.  I didn't plan for it all to happen at the same time.  It's just how it ended up because of the availability of people doing the work.  Geesh....I'll be so happy when it's all over.

In the meantime, because I'll be kinda shut down in the office, I've been working on getting the designs for three fabric lines into the NY office.  Once it's there, it's off my plate, and I feel so much new Primitive Traditions sample fabric will be coming very late November!  I have six wonderful quilts designed with that fabric and I'll be a very busy sewer the rest of the year.  I really look forward to that time and to showing you the new Primitive line!  It's very different and wonderful...if I do say so (very humbly) myself.  

That's about all the news I have for now.  I hope you're enjoying your sewing time making October Treat.  I do think I may make that quilt in other fabric combos.  I really love the antique quilt design.  

Stay safe, my friends.....I worry for us all around the world.  My heartfelt wish is that you're all well and happy.  

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