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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remember Me!

As promised, here is a peek at how the finished block turned out for the PWSC Friendship Quilt called Remember Me.  This block was inspired by an old antique quilt that I saw.  The antique wasn't a signature block, but I thought that if I changed a few things around, it would really be cute and different.  I love how it is turning out!   The flora motifs of the Remember Me block, shown above, are included with the pattern.   All of the other blocks contain the signatures of my closest friends, and of the special ladies who are my founding club members.  You will get to see the entire quilt after the first of the year when all of the quilts for Journey 2 are completed.  Until then, I have to keep some surprises! 

Now, I don't want you to worry about how to make the once-square block round.  It's really quite easy.  Ha (!)....you say?  Well, as my mom always says - everything is easy when you know how!  So, the best thing I can do is show you how!  Very soon, I will have a tutorial on just how I did this, so keep checking in with me.  I also have other tutorials planned as I am a teacher at heart, and think good techniques should be shared.

Let me know what you think of the Remember Me block, and I sure hope you've had some time to sew.


  1. Hello, Pam. Guess who? Your number 1 fan. LOL!
    Really, I will look forward to the tutorial. I don't do circles well, unless appliqued. I am hoping you can teach me how.

  2. Can't wait to see the Journey 2 quilts! Looking forward to January.

  3. Beautifully designed block. What a precious quilt to have with all the special names on it. Really really nice. Diane

  4. Love this block - very different. Looking forward to your tutorial.
    Take care,
    Karen W.

  5. Oh Pam!! This block is SOOOO cute! I just love ALL the elements; the fabric, your color selection, and of course - the block! Ooh, just can't wait for our Second Journey!! Bring it on!



  6. Hi Pam! Really like the antique block... the "what is old, is new again". Looking forward to Prairie Women; miss it! Sharon :)

  7. Pam!! When we signed the blocks you told us that they will not look like this. I never imangined that they would turn into circles!!! How unique. I can't wait till Jan. comes. Miss seeing you and all the gals.
    Karen S.

  8. I visited your blog hoping to find a little info about pwsc 2. Thank you for the sneak peek! I love the signature block and all of the fabrics! Where do you like to shop? Can we get a Pam Buda stash club going too? Fat eighths once a month would be nice!