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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sugar Mountain Freebie Pattern!

My Dear Quilting Friends~

Today I feel like Rocky when he reached the top of the stairs in Philly, pumping his arms in the air!  Why?  Because I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination and usually have to fumble thru new tasks.  Today, after several hours of trial and error, I conquered my task....to make my freebie pattern Sugar Mountain available to you all just by saying.... Click Here !!  Actually, you'll be able to get the pattern from the next posting above.

Sugar Mountain ~ Copyright 2011 Pam Buda

Sugar Mountain was a lot of fun to make.  The simple Friendship Star block is jazzed up a bit with the addition of pink squares showing the block on point.  Naturally, I added a few Make-Do blocks in there.  Not surprised, are you?

While the color theme of the quilt are pinks and blues, I added one cute black print Friendship Star block because black prints are common Make-Do substitutions for blue prints and vice versa.  I love the way it looks!

Can you spot more Make-Do blocks? 

I chose a simple blue border to frame the quilt.   Sometimes.....simple is the best.  The Farmer's Daughter version does have a pieced border...but for now...that's all I can say!

I have a collection of antique pink and blue quilts and will welcome this little quilt into the mix.  Once it's quilted and bound, I'll be sure to post a photo.  Speaking of photos.....if you make Sugar Mountain...please email me a photo.  I'd like to do a show-n-tell post one day.

Thanks for stopping by!  Pam

P.S.  I've received several comments and dozens of emails requesting more information about how I make my labels.  I will post more about this in the near future.


  1. Thanks for the freebie! The make-do blocks MAKE the quilt.

  2. Pam, This is soooo cute. I love the friendship star. I can't wait to make it.!! Thank You!!
    Karen Schultz

  3. Friendship stars---one of my favorites. I especially like the background fabric. This one goes on the "have to make" list!

  4. Thanks so much for the pattern for this beautiful little quilt! Love the make-do's. Need to try to incorporate more of those in my projects. They add so much interest~

  5. I love this quilt, and the make-do blocks! Thank you for the free pattern. I will be making this soon!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this pattern with us. Love the make-do blocks. I will be adding this little quilt to my "Want to Make" list. Hopefully, I can get it done and send a picture. Congrats on conquering your computer task.

  7. Thank you Pam! I love your designs.

  8. Thanks for the free pattern. I look forward to making it!

  9. very cute, will have to whip this one up this weekend!

  10. Thank you so much, Pam! You are so kind and generous with your talents. :-) I look forward to making up this perfect size quilt soon. I just love the make-do concept and look forward to putting it to practice in my own quilt making.

    Blessings, Karla