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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summer Parade

As a quilt designer, one of my favorite things is to see a quilt I've designed made in different fabrics or colors than those I used.  Usually, in the planning stage, the quilt lives in my head for awhile as I ruminate over the possibilities.  Once I get a clear idea of how I want it to look, I hone in on a particular color palette and/or fabrics and never look back.  So....it's very, very fun for me to see what someone elses interpretation is with the same design.

If this is something you love to see too, then I invite you to visit two websites where this happens every month!

First, the Pink Pincushion blog is where you'll find Sinta. 
Second, Sherri writes on her blog A Quilting Life.

These two best friends write about all kinds of interesting fun stuff to be sure, and each month, they host a club called Le Petite ~ A Year of Small Projects. 

Each month, Sinta and Sherri choose a pattern for a small project for Le Petite.  You are invited to purchase the pattern and make the quilt any way you'd like to.  At the end of the month, everyone sends a photo of their quilt, then Sinta and Sherri have a parade!  This photo "parade of quilts" is when you get to see what everyone did with the same pattern, and this month's parade features one of my quilt designs called Endless Summer!

I encourage you to visit both Sinta's and Sherri's blogs and enjoy all of the different versions of my quilt.  Everyone did an outstanding job!!!!!  I love it!  If you'd like to purchase the Endless Summer pattern, click here.  My heartfelt thanks to Sinta & Sherri!!  Enjoy the Endless Summer Parade!


  1. They introduced you to me. I loved the parade this month - and your article in AP&Q. Nice to 'meet' you!

  2. I loved the parade and all the different variations of your lovely pattern!

  3. Thanks so much Pam! And thanks for making such a great pattern:) Now that I have seen some of the other versions of your pattern, I'm inspired to remake it! I loved your APQ article!!!

  4. Thank you Pam! It is such a great design, and the parade was wonderful. I also appreciated your AP & Q article and have read it twice...so inspiring! Glad I found your patterns and your blog!