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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kentucky Quilt Project Documentary

Celine Perkins, of Perkins Dry Goods, recently blogged about a wonderful new documentary, created by Shelly Zegart, called Why Quilts Matter; History, Art & Politics.  I watched the trailer for the documentary and was nearly moved to tears.  It promises to be a very meaningful film, telling a national audience what quilting means to us all, the many reasons why we make quilts, and their intrinsic value to our communities and country far beyond keeping our families warm at night.   

Click here to see the trailer and learn more about the Why Quilts Matter documentary, and when it will air on PBS.

Just had to share this with all of you.  It's a good thing!  And remember.....to assure this truly American art form lives on.....each one must teach one!



  1. Pam, thanks so much for this 'heads up'. I was pleased to note that a DVD is available. My PBS station isn't known for scheduling quilt programs but perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised!

  2. i asked WFYI when they were going to show Why Quilts Matter, and they said they were not planning to show it. They are the only PBS station I can get on Comcast.

    Sharon H