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Monday, August 29, 2011

Words to Live By

Several times, I've posted about my wish for more hours in a day, more time to do the things I need to do, and more to the point, want to do.  I know I share this wish with many of you.  We all have busy lives. 

When we think of the people who lived in the nineteenth century, we think they had simple lives, and perhaps they did, but I'm certain they were busy, too!  From sun up to sun down they worked farming, caring for live stock, growing and preserving food, making bread, hauling water, washing clothes, keeping house, and caring for one another.  I suppose that list is a simpler one than the one we have.

Our modern conveniences have allowed us to turn a faucet for water, load the dishwasher, push a button to dry our clothes and ride a lawn mower, not to mention walking into a grocery store to choose from the food not only in and out of our own season, but from the world over.  Those tasks are much simpler that our ancestors....and yet, we are decidedly as busy.  There just never seems to enough time to do all of the things we want and need to do.

I subscribe to a wonderful magazine called A Simple Life , which focuses on American life in the nineteenth century.  You know how I love reading about this time period!  I was struck by the note inside, written by publisher/editor Jill Peterson,  about her busy life publishing a magazine, always looking to the future for content in upcoming issues.  Jill writes "often times if we are thinking of the next task, the next event in our lives, we rush through our days thinking....when that is done, or this is over, I will......  Suddenly that event is over and we are immediately looking at the next trial.  One day we look up and we are another year older and time just passed us by." 

Sound familiar?

Jill goes on to write " we must try not to let our days become so busy and full that we forget how precious and fragile our days are, and how one day they will all be gone.  Don't allow yourself a missed opportunity that each day has to offer by rushing through time trying to accomplish the next task on your list.  Each day may bring about an opportunity that only comes around once and then is irreplaceable."

I'm gonna try to keep Jill's words in my heart.  I'm happy to have the opportunities I have coming my way, lucky to have work I love, a full life with my family and friends, and yes, lucky for a busy life.  I haven't been bored since 1985 and grateful for it!  Still...we all need to take time to smell the roses.

 Look for copies of A Simple Life at your local quilt shop and book seller!

Thank you for taking a few moments in your busy life to visit with me!



  1. I subscribe to this publication as well and I agree that so many of us...especially those like me who have hit middle age....desire to slow down a bit and enjoy a more simple life. Less is always more in my book :)

  2. I totally agree !!! Thanks for sharing will try to life more by the day as well

  3. Thanks for sharing - it was certainly something we all needed to read - we rush so much and consequently, miss so much. The olden times were a more physically hard life but they appreciated everything they had. May we do as well.

  4. Something we need to be reminded of from time to time. I am a list maker so I am always crossing off something and adding on something to my list.
    However, I do enjoy those projects as I am doing them. I keep telling myself enjoy the process not just the product. Well, sometimes there is not a whole lot to enjoy about the process of cleaning the bathroom!!!

    Enjoy your blog, as always.

    Charlotte S
    No blog