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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Safely Back Home

Well, our trip to San Francisco has come to an end.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  The highlight was our hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley - a thrilling first time for us both!  Now, of course, it's time to settle back into our daily routines.

I wanted to share another Journey Three sneak peek with you!  I love the combination of blues with greens.....here are the fabrics I chose.

These are all of the fabrics I used in my quilt.

The border is the navy with little green leafy twigs on it.  Love that fabric!!
Also.....a better look at the assorted lights.

The green background fabric in the photo is for a little border and setting squares, along with a close-up
of the blue prints I used.

Then....the green prints.

And just what did I make using these fabrics?

I'm getting ever closer to revealing all of the new projects for Journey Three.
All of the quilts have been pieced and are being quilted, bound and photographed.
Once they are all done, I can begin to show them to you.  Believe me, I
can hardly wait!!

I'll give you another sneak peek in my next post.  

Here's another tid bit......during the big reveal, I have a kit for nearly
every Journey Three quilt and will be raffling them off,so please
hang in there with me and stay tuned!!

Thanks for taking a moment to be with me today!


  1. I am looking forward to the "reveal".

    Charlotte So.CA

  2. I can't wait to see them! Journey 2 has been so much fun. Thanks for such great projects!

  3. Oh boy! The peek and the raffle are piquing my interest!!

  4. glad you had a nice vacation! ok love these fabrics and the blocks....
    can't wait to see Journey 3 even though I am still making my way thru 1 and 2 thats ok, one can never have enough little quilt patterns ;)

  5. Love the fabrics! Can't wait to see the Journey 3 patterns! Thanks for sharing and for doing a raffle - looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Not a bad fabric in the bunch! Can't wait to see all of your little quilts.

  7. Just Love those fabrics. Love all the backgrounds. Cannot wait to see Journey 3

  8. Pam, once again you have inspired me!! I would of never thought to put blues and greens together, and than you used my request!! The monkey wrench block. How much fun!! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Karen Schultz

  9. Churn Dash is my favorite block and I adore your fabric choices! I can't wait for your reveals!

  10. Your vacation sounded absolutely wonderful, especially the hotair balloon ride! Love your fabrics for the next Journey and the Monkey Wrench block - one of my favs! Can hardly wait for the reveal - keep them coming ;)
    Karen W.

  11. Beautiful blocks and I just love your choice in fabrics. Can't wait to see more little quilts!

  12. Always an inspiration! Even with your balloon ride! Looking forward to another "WOW" moment.
    Sharon :)