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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  It seems the very moment you put the leftovers in the fridge, and say goodbye to your company, that preparations for Christmas begin!

We packed up the Thanksgiving decorations in record time this year, immediately hauling out the many boxes of Christmas decorations (I won't confess exactly how many!) to begin the holiday ritual of Decking our Halls.  A funny thing happens at our house during this time.  It kinda looks like we're moving.  Boxes are everywhere.  There are big empty spaces where nic nacs and quilts used to be.  Our little dog, Bella, wanders around looking a bit unsettled and confused.  She's not the only one.

Years ago, I organized our decorations in separate boxes, one (a-hem.....or more) for each room.  I try to tackle a room a day.  We also have our respective jobs to attend to, so.....sometimes it's a room every couple of days.  My focus isn't on getting it done in record time anymore, I really want to enjoy the ride, lingering over the things the kids made when they were little, or a Santa I made years ago while sewing with my friends. 

Then there's the discovery that while unpacking these boxes, I don't like some decorations anymore.  I want to pare down.  What to do with this stuff?  The kids want me to keep it...."we've had it for years, Mom.  It's part of my childhood!"  Sigh.  It was something that Great Aunt So and So gave to us.  I never liked it all that much!  I was only being nice when I displayed it all those years.  I don't display it anymore and can't get rid of it, so back in the box it goes.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to Christmas shopping at the mall with my kids, who are now all grown up.  I might steer them in the direction of Santa, and see if they'd be willing to sit on his knee again.  Good memories and funny pictures.  My goal is to have the house decorated by Sunday.

So, what does all of this have to do with quilting?  Nothing...except it's what is keeping me from sewing and having something more interesting to talk about.  It's what we all do this time of year, and no doubt, some of you are doing it, too!  Are you making Christmas gifts this year?  Planning special get-togethers with friends?  What special traditions do you celebrate?  How is your shopping and decorating coming along?  Any advice on what to do with those old, unwanted decorations?

Hope you enjoy decking your halls!  Pam


  1. I am a believer in getting rid of the decorations I don't like anymore. When the kids object I offer it to them to help them build their own collection of holiday decorations.

  2. No pictures necessary! I visuals are there... I have the same problem:) have fun with the decorating!

  3. I can just imagine how cozy and warm your house will be after all the decorating is done! I've gotten as far as the outside lights this year and now on to the inside! Mr. Squash and I decided this year to keep it simple, and yes, I've finally decided to no longer keep decoration I don't like - time to make new memories!

  4. Having taught preschool and kindergarten for 20 years, you can imagine the number of decorations/ornaments I received. Plus I used to visit several wonderful craft shows in IL and WI each year. Needless to say I have many boxes for each room and that is after donating many items to resale shops. I had a very difficult time doing that at first but it has become easier. I still have the decorations that my children made, that my mother and mil gave us but some of the rest had to go. My goal is to keep the number of boxes each year constant. In other words, if you buy something you have to get rid of something or be a better "packer".
    I am looking forward to your photos.

    Charlotte S.

  5. Simple solution, they kid that wines about that decoration gets it in their box so they can decorate their house!