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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Little Work ~ A Little Play

As many of you know, about a week ago I experienced a nightmare problem with my computer when Windows 7 did an automatic update leaving me unable to access any files on my computer for about 5 days.  Many of you left me very supportive and hopeful emails which really helped!!  Microsoft was very good with their tech support, and worked with me to resolve the problem.....I thought.  I did get a good four days work in, and was able to finish Journey Three before it happened again last Wednesday!  Different problem, but still no working computer.  I must have a computer gremlin in here somewhere!  Ugh.

For better or worse, I was scheduled to leave home early Thursday morning for a two day trip, so I sent an email to tech support at Microsoft, and packed the car, resolved I would handle my computer problems when I returned home.  I'm so glad I had the diversion of the trip to take my mind away from the frustration!! 

I headed to Ottawa, IL, a destination not too far from home, to meet with one of my bestest quilting pals, Lynne Hagmeier (of Kansas Troubles fame!).  She drove a whole lot farther than I did (thank you, Lynne!!) so we could meet and catch up on quilting news, family stuff, do some work together, and have some fun.  We spent the entire day Thursday antiquing, and boy did we find some good stuff! 

Here's my favorite find from our day of shopping....this sweet red doll quilt!!  The very simple design is quite striking, don't ya think?  The blocks are hand pieced and it's hand quilted (it doesn't have any batting.)
It was just sitting there waiting for me!  My hubby was happy to find out that I did his Christmas shopping for me, too!  Thanks, sweetie....you knew just what I liked!

That evening, Lynne and I met with our Alaskan cruise director over dinner.  We heard a lot more about the awesome destinations we will visit, what fun excursions are offered, and we shared more about our project ideas with her.  She loved what we have planned so far, and gave us new ideas and tips for how to proceed.  We're very excited and happy with how things are coming along. 

The remaining hours of the evening were spent in our pajamas, drawing sketches, and tossing fabrics around, continuing to design our joint project.  We're loving how it's coming together and its been a real kick working with Lynne!

We still can't believe that we're headed for Alaska next summer.  I remember when I was a kid... thinking about Alaska, and how it seemed such a far off, exotic place where Eskimo's lived in igloos, and where the sun could be out 24 hours, or never be seen at all.  Not only has Alaska been a bucket list destination for hubby and me, it's also a requirement of another bucket list item I have....to have stepped in all 50 of these beautiful United States! 

Lynne and I would sure love to share this experience with you!  If Alaska is on your 'want to visit someday' list, please think about joining us on our "Great Girlfriend Get-Away" aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's ship The Pearl (although my kids and I would really love it if it were the Black Pearl!! Teehee).  Click here for cruise info.

Friday, Lynne and I said our good-byes, and she started her trek home.  I spent the evening with the lovely ladies of the Illinois Valley Quilters Guild.  Quilter's are the best people to hang out with any day, any where (like on an Alaskan cruise!), and the IVQG ladies were no exception!  They all gave me a warm welcome as we shared a meal, and at the guild meeting as well. 

Saturday brought a return to reality.....unpack the car and face computer problems.  With help from my family, we unpacked the car.  With continued help from Microsoft, which took 2 more days, they helped me solve the computer problems.  Life is full on all kinds of trials and tribulations that come and go.  While it felt like the weight of the world was on me with the second round of laptop troubles, it was great to leave it all behind, and have some fun with Lynne and the guild ladies.  All is well now (I hope!), and I can hear those words my mom says all the time...."this, too, shall pass". 

As we all approach our day of thanks, I focus on what I have to be grateful for.  I hope I can say, over the next many months...that I'm grateful that my computer problems didn't return.  Only time will tell!  Keeping good computer thoughts!!


PS....I'd love to visit your guild!  Click here to see my lecture and workshop offerings.


  1. I's so glad your computer problems are behind you, Pam - and so sorry you had to go through that! I can just imagine how much fun you and Lynne had together! Wish I could join you for the cruise, but I will say that Mr. Squash and I have done that one before and of all that we've done, this was our favorite! We took lots of side trips and had a wonderful, memorable time!

  2. Pam, what a wonderful time you had with Lynne! The little red quilt is sweet...glad Christmas came early. I can understand your frustration with computers, but glad it seems to be on the mend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!