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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tussy Mussy

Meet Tussy Mussy.  The name comes from the 17th and 18th century and is another name for a
Nosegay bouquet.  Women often received a Tussy Mussy from their gentlemen callers.  Each flower in the bouquet had meaning and the women referred to a book called The Tussy Dictionary to decipher the floral message her suitor was conveying!  I just love that!

Since I chose the traditional Nosegay block for this quilt, Tussy Mussy seemed a natural choice for the name!

This is a terrible photo of the quilt.  I almost didn't show it to you, but I promised that I would....and I keep my promises.  The color is all washed out for some reason.  Very frustrating!!  I'm not a great photographer, as you can see, but trying to get better....so please forgive the atrocious photo.

The quilt measures approximately 33 x 40.  It was great fun piecing it.  I hope you like it.  It's off to the quilter now!  That's such a good feeling, isn't it?  The pattern should be available sometime in March.

I've had several emails in the last few weeks asking if I am willing to visit quilt guilds to give a lecture or workshop, and I most definitely do!!  If you'd like me to visit your local guild, please pass my website along to the program's chairperson.  You can see the full list of my lecture and workshop offerings and contact information by clicking here.

Another terrific source for speakers is The Quilt Trade Association.  They have a wonderful list of teachers and you can peruse the list by state to see who may be close to you.  Check out the Speakers Forum - new speakers are added often!

Next week I'll be starting a new quilt and will have more photos to show you.  (Hopefully, they'll turn out better!!)  As always, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!!


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  1. I love the story of the Tussy Mussy. The quilt is beautiful and I know what you mean about colours looking washed out. Only you would notice that!! I find it's the way you hold the camera, try tilting the camera up or down you may find the picture becomes sharper without that haze.

  2. Pam, I love your Tussy Mussy!!! Once again you made a beautiful quilt. I will be looking forward to getting your pattern. Karen S.

  3. Love it! I think I need to make a Tussy Mussy when the pattern is ready!

  4. Love your Tussy Mussy! Can't wait to get the pattern!

  5. Love your Tussy Mussy quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think your new quilt is beautiful so it is probably spectacular in person. My sister, a friend and I are joining you and Lynne on the cruise in August (hooray), will you have your books and patterns with you for sale?