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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tussy Mussy Is Ready To Go!

My Tussy Mussy pattern is all finished and she's looking just lovely with her adorable Nosegay block!  A month or so ago, I mentioned the history of the term Tussy Mussy, but in case you didn't catch that, I thought it worth repeating this fun eighteenth century bit of trivia. 

Tussy Mussy is another name for a floral Nosegay bouquet.  In the 1800's, women often received a Tussy Mussy from their suitors.  Each flower in the bouquet had meaning and the women often referred to a book, called The Tussy Dictionary, to decipher the floral message her suitor was conveying!  I thought it was a fun name for this quilt featuring a Nosegay block!

Click here if you'd like to order a Tussy Mussy pattern and I'll get it off to you mucho pronto! 


I haven't been talking too much about what else is happening here in the Heartspun Quilts studio since I returned from my weekend at Mill Creek Settlement Retreat.  There's a reason why. 

I had just a wonderful time with my girlfriends at Mill Creek, and it was a very productive weekend as well.  Everything you want from a weekend away.  I came home feeling more relaxed, happy in the satisfaction of what I finished there, recharged and ready for an extremely busy work week writing patterns and other design work on the computer.  I had launched our Busy Work sew-along that Friday, and since I had been in a cell phone and internet black hole, I was anxious to check my emails and blog, so after a couple of hours of family time, I sat at my computer. 

While I was away, and my computer was totally turned OFF, Windows had done another update that corrupted my user profile AGAIN!  The same thing that happened to me a few months ago, happened again....despite having changed the settings on my computer to stop auto updates.  I'll save you all the descriptive "pretty" words I said, and the rage I felt...I'm sure you get the picture.  All of the stress came rushing back.  I had an extremely busy week starting the next day,  Monday, and needed the computer, so I had no choice but to work with tech support Sunday night to have it all fixed so I could start on Monday.  Monday morning I was able to work, and put in very productive days Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday evening, while backing up all my work, I began to get warning notices that a hard drive crash was imminent.  Wednesday morning my hard drive crashed and burned.  At the busiest time of my year, when I needed it the most, my hard drive crashed.  No easy or quick fix for that....just hand the computer over to the geeks and let them do their thing. I have about 25 adjectives you can insert here for what I was feeling.  Take your pick!  {grin}  {long exhale}  {prayers to the Almighty for strength} 

I have another notebook computer that I take on the road with me, so I enacted Plan B, and tried to limp along for the week with the notebook.  I dared not talk with you about this "trauma" until my head was in a better place - hence my ability to catch you up today.  The great news was that I had backed up all my files and didn't loose any work product.  I lost a week of good production, but the past is gone and we just move forward.  A new hard drive naturally has nothing on it, so slowly but surely I've been re-loading my programs onto the computer. 

The morale of my story is that you can survive a hard drive crash and live to tell about it!  Even when it happens at the worst time possible.  I can't make up for the lost week of work, and some things won't be perfectly ready for market, but life goes on, right!  So, that explains why I didn't blog about Mill Creek, and haven't been as chatty.  I didn't want to Scrooge you with any Bah Humbugs about our love/hate relationship with our computers. 

I'm off to spend my day with my pal, Bernina.  She never causes me stress, oh no...quite the opposite!  We have a great time together!  Hope you can spend at least part of your day with your sewing machine, too!



  1. Wow Pam! That would do me in for the year, but them I'm old and gray and it doesn't take much anymore.....grin. So glad that week is behind you.

  2. So sorry to read about your computer nightmare! Wouldn't it be nice to live like the Prairie Women and not have a computer to worry about. But than again think of all the lovely things you share with us through the internet. You reach and share with so many women that you could never have done back than. So thanks for all your hard work at doing this!! Karen Schultz

  3. Love a challenge, can't wait to get my Tussy Mussy pattern!

  4. I signed up for this at Farm Fest! Can't wait!