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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road to Kansas

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Early this morning, Tara Darr (Sew Unique Creations) and I set off on our trek to Kansas City. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to load up that trailer and put the petal to the metal!! The day couldn't have been more perfect. Mild upper 70's, no wind or rain and best of all no traffic!! We made great time getting to our first destination.....

Homestead Hearth Quilt Shop in Mexico, Mo. They have tons of fabric - all different genres. Tara had never been, and since it was on our way, well we just had to go. Yes, we both found a few treasures to add to our stash.

Next stop was to a great antiques' mall just outside of Columbia, Mo, called Artichoke Annie's.

They sure have some great displays....don't ya think??

I found a huge pile of awesome quilt blocks that will be great inspirations for future fabric lines!

Wonderful first day as we make our way to KC. Feels so good to be out of the office. More tomorrow! So far blogging with my iPad is working pretty well.



  1. Sounds like you are having a fun time! Wish I was with you.

  2. How fun! I love Homestead Hearth & hitting antique malls all along IL & MO! You gals have fun & keep singin - Goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come! :)

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your road trip! It's always fun to get out of the normal routine and see what the rest of the world is up to. Looks like Artichoke Annie's will be a place to stop if I ever get that far west in these states! ;-)

  4. It looks like you are having a great time.....good for you!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  5. What a fun trip so far...I am thinking I could have done some retail therapy right along with you...enjoy and good luck:)

  6. You're stopping at my favorite kinda shops. Sure would like to be riding in your back seat !

  7. You drove within spittin' distance of my house. Can't wait to meet you. And that new fabric, well, I hope to have some of that soon.