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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Bit of Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Business

Hello Dear Reader!

I'm sorry to interrupt our market review, but a bit of serious PWSC club business has been brought to my attention.  I really felt I needed to share this with all of you.

A Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club member contacted me because she was suspicious that the quilt shop where she goes for club meetings was photocopying her club patterns.  A very big NO-NO!  The pattern product she was receiving was very poor and she was quite upset about it.  She had purchased other patterns of mine and knew that they are much higher quality printing than what she was receiving at club meetings.

I have talked with the shop owner in question and a resolution was reached. 

If you are participating in a Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club, you should be receiving a full color, professionally printed cover with color all the way to the edges of the paper (no white borders).  The pattern pages you receive should be printed on one side only.  I have them printed at an office supply type store on high quality paper.  The shops must order the complete pattern set directly from me.  Photocopying of the pattern pages is not allowed. 

I take great pride in producing a high quality pattern.  I hire professional photographers for clear images, and have the color covers professionally printed as well.  I want to be sure you are receiving the pattern as I intended.  

If you feel you are not receiving legitimate patterns, please email me anytime.  You deserve the pattern you are paying for!

Thanks for your time!  Pam 

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