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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilt Market Photo Tour

As we continue our tour of my favorite designers and their lovely booths, I have to begin with a woman near and dear to my heart by the name of Connie Huddleson.  Connie owns a quilt shop in Windsor, CO called The Little Wool Shoppe, and designs awesome wool projects (many unlike anything you've ever seen before....like her awesome purses!!) for her pattern company Starry Pines Patterns. Hugs to you, Connie!

Then, as I nearly ran my way around the market floor, I made a quick stop to take photos of the following booths.  I'll let the photos and the designer's work speak for themselves!!  If I continue to blab on and on about each designer, I'll be posting market photos on the Fourth of July!  Sorry if it's taking a long time to load my blog postings.  It's because I'm super-sizing the photos (and Blogger isn't too happy either!)  I want you to be able to see all the good stuff with extra large pictures!!

I'm giving you links to everyone's website.  If you see something you love, please contact the designer...I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you!!

Joyce Weeks and Norma Whaley of Geoff's Mom Pattern Company

Pam McMahon of Pam's Piece by Piece.

Sherri Falls of This and That.

Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods.

Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs.

Annemarie Yohnk of Quilts Remembered.

Vicki Olsen & Jill Shaulis of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.

Jo Ann Mullaly of JAM Patterns.

Kathleen Brown & DeLoyce Tyler of Mountain Patchwork.

Evonne Cook of Clothesline Quilts.

Emily Hardwig of Red Button Quilt Co.

Amy McClellan of Under the Garden Moon.

And....last but certainly not least!  Carol Hopkins of Carol Hopkins Designs.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at what Quilt Market is all about.  It's a wonderful experience.  It can be a bit heady thinking about all of the creative talent housed under that one roof for those three days, and how all of that creativity and inspiration makes it way to your local quilt shop! 
I am humbled and grateful to be a part of it all!

Thanks for visiting with me today!


(All photos taken with permission from the designer.)


  1. Now this is the first - I really love to see the booths and you have been superb in showcasing them. I can browse at my leasure thru your photos.

  2. I will bookmark this and come back many times! Thank you so much for sharing...I feel like I was running along from booth to booth alongside you! You have highlighted just the types of projects I love!

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed the tour! So many beautiful quilts...

  4. Good quilt market pictures. There are many, many quilts in the booths that strike my fancy.

  5. Almost like being there, thanks!

  6. Thanks for your wonderful photos!!

  7. So many lovely quilts to feast the eyes on - thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I could look at them all day! xCathy

  8. some really great quilts hanging in the market. thanks for sharing.