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Monday, July 30, 2012

Scissors ~ Plain & Fancy

One of my favorite past times is to hunt for antique sewing items.  All kinds of sewing items. Other than my passion for all things quilting, I adore antique samplers.  I'm very fortunate to have found ten antique samplers, the oldest, a band sampler, dated 1787.  I feel they are in my care now....to treasure and behold for my lifetime....and I do.  Every now and then, when time allows, I go treasure hunting.  Recently, I acquired two new antique sewing items I thought I'd share with you.

The tiny red needle case was the first one I found, and I found it on eBay.  It measures all of 1.5 inches long and .50 inches wide.  It was a "Happy Birthday to me" gift.  I just had to have it.  And....it's RED! 

A peak inside reveals this tiny little picture of two birds.  Isn't it sweet!  I have no idea how old it is.  It's a treasure to be sure.  I was so happy when I won it on eBay, and I anxiously awaited its arrival.  When it came, I was beyond excited to open it.  Oh, it was cuter than I thought.  I carefully opened the lid......and was surprised to find a tiny crumpled piece of paper.  Hhmmmm.  What's this?  I opened the tiny crumpled paper to find........a tooth.  Yes.....a tooth!!  Who puts a tooth in a needle case???  Furthermore....if someone kept a tooth in there, why pass it along to me?  Hello.....it says needles on the lid.  Happily, I wasn't charged extra for the contents.  And, no.....I didn't keep it.  I like antiques, but I don't collect everything!  Do you collection antique sewing items?  Ever get any teeth with yours?

 On the way home from Iowa after visiting with Lynne, I stopped at one of my all time favorite hunting grounds....the Amana Colonies. I have the best luck there!!  The blue basket pin cushion was perched on a glass shelf calling my name. 

It's a souvenir of the World Expoisition held in Chicago, 1893.  I was born and raised in Chicago, and now live in a suburb of Chicago, so it held even more sentiment for me.  I hope you enjoyed my new little finds.  These tiny remnants are rare treasures that give a glimpse of our past in a tangible token to treasure now.

I collect scissors....both plain & fancy.  I found these lovely heirloom scissors and just had to have them.  If you'd like a pair for yourself, please visit my website to order.  They are 4 inches, have very sharp points, and are perfect for applique, embroidery, and cross stitch.  It's so nice to use pretty scissors,  and I enjoy just having them around.  Surround yourself with lovely things!!  You never know, they may be tomorrow's heirloom. 

And...you have my word that I won't incude a tooth with your order!!!



  1. What absolutely wonderful treasures!! Love that needle case! I don't collect antique sewing items, but love seeing them. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. I do have a few antique sewing treasures as well. Love your new ones!

  3. I love to treasure hunt. I once bought a 100 years old coin purse in a plastic bag at a yard sale. When we got home I opened it and found someones front bridge in gold. I paid $.25 for the purse and made $35 selling the gold. But I almost through them away because I was grossed out but my mother stopped me. My friends father owns a coin shop and bought them to melt the gold.

  4. Absolute treasures. Do you remember when the Clotilde catalog used to include photos of and snippets about antique sewing implements? I loved that best about the catalog. Now, it has been modernized and I do not care for it at all. These are wonderful!

  5. I just adore that needle case....what a cute find!! I do find myself looking for little sewing notions when at an antique shop, but do not manage to find much of anything when I go.

  6. The needle case is a treasure! Do you suppose the drawing inside might have been done by the owner of the case? This was common in those days. They would pretty up something they used often.