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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bon Voyage!!!

Hubby and I had just a wonderful time in the Seattle area these last few days. It was my first time to Washington state and I was not disappointed in the least. Yesterday and today we bummed around with Lynne and Robert, taking in the city life of downtown Seattle.

We loved Pike's Market and did lots of shopping among the many vendors there.

Besides all of the fresh fish (hubby's favorite), there were tons of fresh fruit & veggie vendors. Their offerings were not only lovely to took at, but we're so yummy at the peak of ripeness.

And...if that wasn't enough to fill your senses, the many, many booths of flowers put you over the edge!! Each of these bouquets were only $5 or $10!! We wanted to buy bunches of them, but couldn't see how we'd manage boarding the ship with all the flowers AND 8 pieces of luggage and 20 boxes. We leave Seattle with wonderful memories and board the NCL Pearl ready to make more memories.

I don't think we'll be able to blog while sailing, but rest assured that we will be taking loads of pictures to show you once we get home. Do check out my Facebook page as I am easily able to post there when we're in port.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. We are so very excited to begin out long-awaited Alaskan adventure and it's nice to know you'll be there with us in spirit. Take good care!! Pam

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  1. Pam! Have a wonderful time on your cruise! I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Seattle and made the trip up to Mount Rainier! I should have booked a trip with you! I grew up in Seattle and now live 40 miles south in Bonney Lake and commute by train to Seattle every day for work. I think you lucked out with some of the gorgeous weather we have had the past few days before the clouds came rolling back in. Give us an update when you can. Bon Voyage!

  2. I wish you good days on your cruise!

  3. Have a wonderful trip! I wish you all safe passage.

  4. Have a great time. I'm so jealous!! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  5. Have a fabulous time!!! Looking forward to following all of you through your pics!