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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Road To Paradise

My hubby and I arrived in Seattle yesterday after an uneventful flight ( the best kind!) with our four pieces of luggage waiting for us in baggage claim. Huge sigh of relief. Not sure which I was happier to see...the suitcase with my clothes or quilts!

With only a few days to play, we got our car and hit the road taking off for MHD first wish...to see Mount Ranier.

We literally drove the road to Paradise, taking us to get a better look at her majesty.

Lots of lovely things to see along the way. It was all beautiful and a perfect introduction to the Pacific Northwest.

On today's schedule, we are headed to Vancouver, and my first time stepping foot in Canada!! Perhaps a stop at a quilt shop is called for?? Hhmmmm....yes...I think that would round off the day nicely!

More tomorrow!!

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  1. I agree with you about the relief seeing luggage but definitely put more importance on the quilts without a doubt! I hope you enjoy the beautiful sights and treasures in our state. Also hoping your quilt shop stop is the one I am thinking of! I am flying out in a few hours to CA. So let us each travel safe.

  2. If you have time to visit Butchart Gardens in BC, you will thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. So Jealous! Sound like fun already!

  4. Lovely to see you in my state - Washington! You'll also love B.C. - the Pacific NW is a beautiful part of the country for sure! Hope you won't be too shocked at the price of fabric in Canada - we are fortunate in the States. They'll explain to you why they have to pay so much. Enjoy your cruise!! Best wishes!! Elizabeth in Aberdeen!

  5. Hope you had fun in Vancouver and took some pictures, have fun on your cruise.