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Thursday, November 1, 2012

More From Houston Quilt Market

Every market, I have to make a long, lingering stop to visit with friends Paula Barnes & Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline (formerly Bonnie Blue), and take in their awesome booth.  Isn't it great!

They always have new lovely things to make....or pine over at the very least!

Sigh......To see all of Red Crinoline's patterns, click on the link above. 

This is friend Annemarie Yohnk of Quilts Remembered.  She has lovely vintage reproduction style quilts. 

I could hardly take my eyes off of the quilt in the center of this photo. 
I loved the border fabric (Jo Morton from her Leesburg collection),
and is without a doubt, one of my favorites
from Quilt Market.  Annemarie named it Four Score
You can see the pattern and all her new patterns by clicking on the link above.
Here's all the new goodies from Celine Perkins and her company Perkins Dry Goods.
What's not in the picture is Celine's Perfect Piecing Seam Guide.
Click on the link to read about this product
and how it can help you with accuracy in your 1/4 inch!!
I'm so excited to tell you about Char Hopeman's new ruler!!
Char created the Flip Flop ruler that does some pretty amazing things.
Start with a strip set (like you see on the cutting mat in the photo) and position
the ruler one way and cut, then flip it around to cut the other direction.
See the block cut from the strip set?
All of the different quilts in both of these photos were made using
the Flip Flop ruler!!  What fun!! 
Click on the link to see more about the Flip Flop ruler and all of
Char's patterns for her company Cotton Cottage Press.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful new things that
were shown at fall market.  This is but a drop in the bucket of
creativity shown there.  Do visit your favorite designer's websites
often to see all that is new from each of them.  Like me, they all
work hard to bring you exciting new projects to keep you in stitches!!
Thanks for visiting with me today!!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love looking at all these quilts. I want to make every one! I LOVE quilting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful post and pictures! What a time you must have had! The quilts were spectacular!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.. It is so exciting to learn of the two new specialty rulers.
    Quilts shown are beautiful. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Oh my do I love that Four Score pattern. That's one I think I can do. The quilts are stunning and I'm in Awe of the quilters who do this kind of quilting. Thank you for these breathtaking pictures. Oh to be able to quilt like these ladies.

  5. interesting but I couldn't find the link that explains the flip flop ruler. I see it for sale but is there a demo or a video?

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos.These quilts are jut fabulous!

    Have a fun weekend

  7. Thanks for posting my booth Pam. Your blog is wonderful. Best, Annemarie