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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fun at Camp Blanding

I'm back home after a very fun get~away to the Jacksonville, FL area, and nearby Camp Blanding, a Florida National Guard and Army Reserve facility.  What was I doing at an army camp you ask?

Well....I joined a 180 quilters for a quilting retreat!  Isn't this an awesome sight?  This is actually only half of the room!

This room was just full of whirring sewing machines, laughter and chatter, and boundless creativity.  It was very energizing!  Projects of all shapes and sizes, and every kind of fabric you could think of were in this room.  It was so fun to wander from table to table to see what everyone was working on!

Gloria Parsons of Olde Green Cupboard Designs and me

The Camp Blanding retreat is hosted twice a year by my pal, Gloria Parsons (Olde Green Cupboard Designs).  She invited Lynne Hagmeier (Kansas Trouble Quilters) and me to teach classes and give trunk shows for the folks at the retreat.  What fun!

I taught a how-to class on making hexagons, and dare I say, am now responsible for 26 more quilters totally addicted to these little cuties!!  (I'm actually rather proud of that!)

The other class I taught was my Practice What I Preach class (my most popular class!)

In this class, quilters learn a ton of hints, tricks and tips for perfecting eight of the most common units found in our quilts, as well as a bevy of other tips from fabric preparation, to needles and thread, to anything goes....all while we're making a quilt.  Several of them finished the quilt centers.......

Here's Brittany's quilt.......

Ronda's quilt.....

And Sandra's quilt.  I just love seeing the same quilt in different colorways, don't you?

Also in attendance at Camp Blanding were my pals from Red Crinoline Quilts, Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison.  I have some news to share about a few of their upcoming projects in my next post, so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to stop in today!  



  1. Wow!! That is lot of sewing machines and irons in one place. There must be some heavy duty electrical wiring there!
    Looks like a very fun-filled experience.

  2. OH OH OH! I want to come next yr! that just looks like such a cool thing!

  3. What a blast you must have had! Love those quilts!

  4. OH!!! I wish I could of come!! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm missing PWSC. BOO HOO!! And it sounds like your enjoying yourself with out us!! LOL Thanks for sharing the fun with us. Waiting for tomorrow for the next step in your sew along. These blocks are so darn cute!! Karen S.

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