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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sew~Along Block Technique Wins Approval!!

I can't tell you how happy your comments have made me!!  Several of you have seen and used the technique I showed in Part Two of the sew~along, but most have not, and were intrigued to try it, if not anxious to do so.  To be clear, this is not a technique I invented, but have used for several years.  I'm a teacher at heart and nothing makes me more jazzed than to share a good hint with other quilters!

My thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know your thoughts.....and so....that brings me to announce a winner.

Congrats to Mary who's comment was.....

....WOW!  What a way to do that block!  I'm sure going to give it a try.  Thanks for sharing.

Mary won a pair of heirloom scissors pictured above!!  


Last week, I received an email from Patty E. who lives in Oregon.  She sent me photos of several of the quilts she made from the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club.  Patty has made ALL of the quilts thus far!  Amazing!!  Patty was a little shy in sharing her photos because she used 1930's reproductions instead of the Civil War repro fabrics I used.  I encouraged her to show them because that's simply what Patty likes, and I knew we'd love to see what she'd done.  I think they're lovely...and I'm pretty sure you will think so, too!  Check out my version of the same quilts on the PWSC club covers on my sidebar.  Really fun to see how different and beautiful they are!!

Patty took the Yo-yo's that belong in the center of the Journey One Bonus project and framed them.  Very striking in their simplicity!

Patty's version of my signature quilt, Remember Me, featured on the front cover of Journey Two.

Patty's version of Olde Settler's Way, also from Journey Two.

Patty's rendition of Journey Two's quilt Next Door Neighbor.  

Last but not least is the Prairie Huswyfe, also from Journey Two.

Patty....thanks so much for sharing your lovely quilts with all of us!!


One last thing I thought I'd share with you is a new product you just may need to know about.  

My friend, Ronda, gave this to me...thanks Miss Ronda!  It's specially formulated for delicately cleaning vintage textiles such as quilts, linens, fabric and lace.  Look for it at your local quilt shop.

Please visit me here tomorrow for an announcement I'm very excited to share with you.  Until then....Pam


  1. I too am making all of the Prairie Women's quilts but my group is only just finishing journey two. Some of them I've done twice because I didn't like my colors when they were finished. I must say, now I'm wishing I had thought to only use 30's repro fabrics. Her quilts are wonderful. Though I won't be going back to redo all of them, I think I will consider using these fabrics in the future.

  2. Pam - I just shared the first two blocks of your quiltalong on my blog - that four patch on point was a fun one to do! (although I'm not loving one of the color choices I used) I was supposed to start a Prairie Women's class on Saturday but it was cancelled because of the weather - we had a huge snowstorm her in Utah - so now I have to wait an entire month to get started - ARGH! Love the little 30's print quilts......

  3. Patty, your quilts are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Patty's quilts...they are certainly beautiful! Congrats to the winner of your scissors! I studied the technique you told us about and will definitely try it out some day soon! Thought of you this morning as I was threading my needle with the way you taught us in August! There is always something to learn!

  5. I loved the new technique! My blocks are on my blog too. ;-) Patty's quilts are wonderful! The 30's prints are so cute. Have a happy week!

  6. Patty's quilts are gorgeous in the 1930's repro prints. Thanks for showing them!

  7. Woohoo - lucky Mary! I have made last week's and this week's blocks and I must say this new (to me!) technique is a WINNER! Thank you! I am excited to see what you have planned for next week. (PS Found some orphaned bits to use in my squares - yaay!)

    1. Oops sorry - meant to say, Patty's quilts are lovely - thank you for sharing them all.

  8. Lucky Mary, those scissors are very sweet!! Thanks also for sharing pics of Patty's darling little quilts..they are GORGEOUS!!!

  9. I think I'll get my 30's prints out and start on the Old's Settler's Way
    it's so pretty. So glad you shared them Patty. Congrats Mary very pretty scissors.

  10. Patty`s quilts are just awesome.Thanks for showing them and congratulations to the winner!!