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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sneak Peek At My New Fabrics! Pin Money and Prairie Wovens

I recently put the final touches on two new fabric lines.   Inspired from my collection of antique quilts, Prairie Wovens & Dobbys is a wonderful collection of woven homespun fabrics.  I see a whole lot of dobby type wovens in my antiques and love them, so I made a point to include some of those as well!  Both the wovens and dobbys add a lovely texture and a whole lot of interest within the quilt.  Of course, the wovens look great in quilts all by themselves, but it's when they're paired with cotton prints that I really get jazzed!!

Pin Money is the name I chose for the cotton prints.  (You'll read more about how I chose the name in a future post.)  Pin Money features a variety of prints in eight colors.  These are my "wheelhouse" colors, and I live with these colors, quilt and design with these colors, decorate my home with them, and they lived on the prairie, and live in my heart.  They are shades of reds (oh, what a surprise, Pam!), blues, greens, blacks, browns, golds, dusty pinks and purples.  You'll see these same eight shades in Prairie Wovens & Dobby's, too!

I promised to give you a sneak peek look at the prints....so here a few to start with.....

The light print isn't as light as it appears in the photo.  The flash lightened it quite a bit!  There are five shirting style prints in Pin Money and this is just one of them.  I love the black tossed wheat print and think it will make for great border, and how about using the gold homespun and wheat print together in a block?  Oh....I'm itchin' to get stitchin' already!!

That little pinwheel print is so darn cute!  L O V E it paired with the brown/red/black woven!  YUM!  The light woven is actually one of the dobbys.  For those of you not sure what I mean by dobby....they are basically woven textiles that have raised threads that bring a "dimensional" texture to the fabric.  Notice the raised beige threads?  And...the four longer brown threads that look like stitches on top of the background?  Those elements make this woven a dobby.  They add so much to a quilt, and I'm anxious to pair the prints and plaids together, just as our quilting ancestors did more than a hundred years ago!

I sure hope you liked this little preview of a few of my newest fabrics.  I'll post a few more photos for you soon.  I'm not sure when Prairie Wovens and Pin Money will be in your local quilt shop, but rest assured that when I do know, I'll pass the news along to you!!

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I'm headed out of town to Jacksonville, Florida, to join Lynne Hagmeier (Kansas Troubles) and Gloria Parsons (Olde Green Cupboard) at Gloria's Camp Blanding retreat.  I can hardly wait!  Winter finally arrived here in the Chicago area, and I'll get a reprieve from the bitter cold.  Plus...how can you go wrong spending time with fellow quilters (about 200 of them!)  I know it will be a blast!!  I'll try to post while I'm there.

Speaking of good times away from home.....

There are still a few openings to join Lynne and me on our Great Girlfriend Get~Away cruise to

New England !!

Enjoy the spectacular show of the Fall Colors of the New England coast line from the ship as we travel to six ports of call.  There will be several projects to keep you sewing while we're at sea, then enjoy the sights of Halifax, Saint John, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and New York City!!  
We'd sure love to have you join us (so much fun sewing and traveling with friends!).  

Click here to read all about the cruise.

Time is running out....so please call today!!


  1. Your fabric is beautiful - can't wait to see the rest of it! I wanna go to Jacksonville & on the cruise, unfortunately I cannot do either so I will set here in the freezing cold in Kentucky and thank my lucky stars I have lots of fabric and a nice warm home. Have fun!!!!

  2. I love your new fabric line - loved your first one as well - bought fat quarters of all of it - this one I can see will need to be added to my collection :).

  3. Your fabrics are wonderful...you did a wonderful job with this line! Have fun at your quilt camp!

  4. The fabric is beautiful. I hope they will be in the quilt shops soon. Have a great time at camp.

  5. ohhhhhhhhhh your fabric designs are sssooo yummy, Pam!! i love those dobbys too!! can't wait to get my hands on them :)))

  6. Love the fabrics. Hope I'm not the only one, but what is a dobby? I know which ones are the homespuns (duh`!) Are the others all called dobbys and what does that mean? Hope I'm not the only dummy about dobbys!
    Lori in UT

  7. I love the colors in your new fabric line and appreciate the homespuns and dobbies to compliment the collection. I'm saving my money now so that I can purchase the whole line. Great job! Enjoy your trip.
    Grandma Rita

  8. Tried to find out about the cruise but the link wasn't working, can you tell us how to find out about it. Thanks. The fabric looks beautifull.