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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sewing My Cottonseeds

So happy to hear from you and read your comments about which red to use.  I really was torn.  The tone-on-tone is beautiful and is a deeper red, but since it plays a big part in framing the center block, I wasn't sure I wanted something that read a "flat" color.  It certainly wouldn't be bad by any means, and the quilting would add a lot of interest......still.  (Ugh...the flash really drowns out the color!!)

I ultimately went with the lighter red print.  It has a bit of the gold and brought in some green which is also in the background print.  I don't get to applique very often, and I so enjoy it!  This technique produces the exact look and feel of needle-turn, which I love, because the applique's remain soft and pliable.  I'll have it finished today and post the end results so you can see how it all turned out.


Also....the Blooming Hexagon Pincushion patterns are back in stock on my website.  The pattern includes full color instructions, the hexie papers, and the vintage zinc jar lid.  Click here to see more about it!


  1. Look at that! It's beautiful! And you appliqued a block before I got to piecing one block of my runner... lol! Maybe I'll bring out the machine this weekend! Love the hexagon pincushion too!

  2. What is the technique you use to applique? I am not good at all and would like to learn more. Thanks

  3. Nice contrast - showcases each piece.