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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Airing the Orphans & Scraps Quilts ~ Part Five

We meet again at the clothesline to admire and enjoy the work of our fellow quilters.  Who knew that we'd be sewing along with friends, not only from coast to coast here in the good 'ol USA, but all around the world?  How fun is that?!  Would you like a few clues about my next sew along?  Find them at the bottom of the page!  Enjoy the last batch of quilts getting some air......

Sheila from South Australia
Sheila from Washington State
Sheri from California
Sue from Kansas
Sylvie from France
Terri from Indiana
JoAnn from Massachusetts
Julie from California
Pam from Utah
Leanne from Nebraska
Sinta from California
Lisa from Idaho
Patti from Michigan
Isabelle from France

I thoroughly enjoyed the airing of the Orphans & Scraps quilts, and I hope you did too.  I am inspired by the talent and creativity shown by each of you.  Loved seeing where your quilts will be living in your home, too!  Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us!!

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Now, for some tid bits about my next sew~along...

The design is all complete and I'm anxious to get started!! I sure hope you don't mind making a lot of Half Square Triangles because the blocks are full of them.  The block size is 6 inches finished...hopefully you like that more than the 4 inchers we just worked with.  The sew~along will begin in June and I will be offering kits.....with fabric from my Pin Money and Prairie Wovens collections!  Stay tuned for more information as soon as it becomes available.

If you're interested in getting the free sew~along patterns, I highly recommend signing up to receive my blog posts via email.  That way you can easily print the sew~along instructions and take them to your sewing machine.  It's easy!  Enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" icon found on the right hand side bar of my blog,  That's it!

P.S. My blog make-over is coming soon...I can hardly wait!


  1. Thank you again for the airing of the quilts!! I look forward to your next sewalong!!

  2. I agree! The quilt show was amazing!!! The different fabrics and settings were marvelous! I'm looking forward to joining in on the next one!!


  3. I join those voices before me in saying "thanks" for this fun sew along and airing of the quilts. So many clever twists to the basic blocks. I marvel at the creativity!

  4. Thanks again for hosting this sew-along and "airing" the quilts. It was fun to participate and then see what everyone else did.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  5. Pam, what a fabulous airing!! this has been sssoo much fun, thank you!!!i'm looking forward to your next sew-along and i can't wait to see your blog make-over.. how exciting!! cheers...Marian

  6. I have really enjoyed seeing all the finished quilts. They have been awesome. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. I hope to join in on your next sew along.

  7. Another wonderful display of quilts. Pam i am so pleased i found you in time to participate in this fun project. It was welcome relief between some larger projects. I shall look forward to your next SAL

  8. Pam, this QAL was fantastic! I loved seeing all the little quilts with so many variations. Looking forward to the next one!

  9. Any one is just awesome.Love to see all,this is great virtual exhibition!!

  10. Pam, WOW i LOVE your blog make-over!! it's delightfully vintage & rustic prim.. in a word GORGEOUS!!! cheers...Marian