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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pin Money & Prairie Woven Bundles

There's a lot going on for me here, but nothing significant to really talk about.  You know....writing Journey 5 patterns, generating graphics for the patterns,  answering emails, filling orders, change the laundry when the buzzer goes off (for which I reply "yes, master" while swinging my arm, back hunched over like Quazimodo.  Ok.... not quite that bad!)  Anyway....doing stuff.....lots of stuff keeping me busy.  I'm a list maker, and apparently I'm quite good at them 'cause I have lots of lists floating around.  Hhmmm....perhaps I should make a list of ideas on how to better manage all those lists?

Once in awhile, I get to cross something off the list, a truly satisfying exercise, right?  Well, today, Deb finished cutting and folding Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles, and I added them to my website, then promptly crossed "Add Fat Qtrs & Fat 8ths to website" off my list!  Hooray!

If you've been wanting to own a little bundle of fabric J.O.Y., may I first suggest you motor over to your local quilt shop.  (Been watching Downton Abbey, hence the "motor over" phrase.)   Please check with them first as I'm a big-time supporter of patronizing your LQS.  I just don't know where we'd be without them.  If by chance they don't have Pin Money or the Prairie Wovens (gasp!), then by all means order them from my website.  

Click here to see all the fabric bundle choices.

The other thing keeping me occupied is this little sew~along I've been planning.  Have you heard about it?  Haha.  The quilt top is being sewn now, then off to Ronda for quilting.  Did you hear?

It starts on Friday!!

Click here for all the info....please join the fun starting this Friday!!

The other day, I announced my next retreat with 
Lynne Hagmeier (Kansas Troubles).  
Our destination is St. Augustine, FL coming January 20-25!!

Sign-ups have already begun....we're thrilled!!  This is going to be a really fun time, no doubt about it.  I talked with our dear friend, Gloria Parsons (Olde Green Cupboard) this morning about the retreat (she thinks she'll be coming....and we're really hoping!), and she told me that our retreat was very reasonably priced, seeing as how the Hilton Hotel advertised rate for a room that week is $229 per night!  That totals $916 just for the hotel!!! Our entire retreat price, at the exact same hotel, exact same room is $725 AND INCLUDES FOUR KITS AND CLASSES, along with eight meals, trolley rides around town, and lots of goodies!  Our wonderful retreat promoter, Bunny, got us this great price.  Thanks, Gloria, for bringing all this to my attention.

We'd love for YOU to JOIN US in St. Augustine!!  Click here to see all the details!!

See you bright and early Friday morning.....


  1. I love the bundles of yumminess..........
    I will watch the SAL, as I was keen to buy a kit, but you must be sold out.
    Oh the retreat would be wonderful.

  2. I am stoked about starting the SAL. I need to piece something as I've been doing too much hand quilting! Haha

    This is just wonderful fabric, have I mentioned that?! ;)

  3. Those fabric bundles look SO good, Pam!
    I'm excited to "watch" the SAL--and print the instructions for a later date. I know it will be good!