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Friday, June 21, 2013

Nabby's Dowry Sew~Along Preparations

I'm happy to report that all of the fabric kits have been cut and mailed, which means we can soon being the sew~along!  It all took about a week longer than I had planned because the fabric arrived a little late, but...no worries!  We're good to go!

Nabby's Dowry Sew~Along
begins Friday, June 28th!!

In preparation for the start of the sew~along, I want to recap the fabric requirements for those of you who may just be joining us, or if you need a refresher.  

To make my Nabby's Dowry quilt from your own fabric stash, here's what you'll need:

10 - 11" squares of assorted light prints or wovens
25 - 6" squares of assorted medium/dark prints or wovens
3/8 yard light print or woven for setting triangles
3/8 yard red print for sashing
1/2 yard brown print or plaid for borders
1/3 yard binding
1 1/6 yard for backing
Additional scraps if you desire....just because more fabrics are always better!

I've received quite a few emails asking what the sew~along is all about, so allow me to invite you to visit my blog (almost) every Friday for 12 weeks, beginning June 28th.  Each week, I'll post a new block or step in the process of making this mystery quilt.  The pattern is free!  Just drop in to see what the next step is and sew~along with me (and just a few quilters from around the world!)  

The best way to receive the weekly instructions for the sew~along is via email.  To get my blog posts via email, simply enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" icon found on the right-hand sidebar of my blog.  That way, you can easily print the sewing instructions and take them to your cutting table or sewing machine.  

This quilt is very, very scrappy.  So long as you have strong contrast of light to med/dark fabrics, you'll be fine.  You can always hold off on choosing your setting fabrics until you see what the quilt will look like, choosing colors and fabrics for a particular place in your home.  I used browns and reds for the setting and borders, but any of your favorite colors will work.

So....put a new blade in your rotary cutter, clean, oil and put a new needle in your machine....the fun begins on Friday!


  1. Well I am looking so forward to beginning this ! I can't wait for my little bundle to arrive :)

  2. "But I don't do mysteries," she cries in a plaintive voice.
    I may have to print the directions and start after the big reveal. That is just the way I am wired. : )

  3. Looking forward to next Friday! Keeping an eye on the mail for my kit to arrive! :)

  4. I will start camping by my mailbox!!! Looking forward to it :-)

    1. Woohoo, my fabric has arrived!! Very yummy, thank you!~!

  5. I have been waiting patiently for this to begin. I will be using up some scraps for this quilt. I hope it will go together well. Thanks for the fun Pam!! Karen

  6. Will wait patiently. I'll be using a mix of Pin Money and my closet stash.

  7. Oh how to choose... should of got the kit then i wouldn't have to make the decision..." bright and modern", "classic repro" or "Country Prim" or one of each, if only i had the time .

  8. Yay!! I just got the last of my fabrics in (I'm doing my own thing, as usual), and I can't wait to begin. :)

  9. Can't wait for the fun to start. My fabrics arrived today here in Melbourne Australia. Sooo gorgeous, I'm so glad I ordered the kit.

  10. Pam, I was not in the sew along. Is the pattern available to those of us who were not participants?