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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nabby's Dowry "Airing of the Quilts" ~ Part One

My husband, our daughter and I took a little trip to Orlando over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had planned for our son to come as well, but he was forced to stay home to work (he's a fireman & paramedic).  It was hard to leave him behind, and was strange to be gone for the Thanksgiving holiday.  What was really weird for this Midwestern, four-seasons girl was seeing palm trees and Christmas decorations in the same mix.  Over and over again...it just did not seem right for us!!  We had lots of fun, and are back home into the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  And...hustle we must since Thanksgiving was sooo late this year!  I'm still doing some work in between decorating and shopping and wrapping and all of that.  You, too?!!!

Well, while we're all busy preparing for the festivities, how about looking at some beautiful quilts?  Here's the first group of photos for my last Sew~Along,  Nabby's Dowry.....

The first two photos are of Anita's quilt.  Anita lives in The Netherlands and she wanted to add a bit of applique to her quilt, which I think looks quite charming.  She also hand quilted her's as you can see.  

Bonita from Illinois
Candace from Florida made two!  Here's the first....
and here's the second.  
Cathy B from Texas
Celtic Rose from Arizona.  
Both of these photos are of Corinne's quilt.  Corinne lives in Germany.
Deb from Florida sent two photos of her quilt.....and favorite companion!
Debbie from IL
Deborah from California

The last two photos are from Diane S. who lives in New York.

So many wonderful quilts!!  It is NOT TOO LATE for you to send me a photo of your Nabby's Dowry quilt top.  It doesn't have to be quilted!!  

Email me a photo along with your name and where you live to Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com

More lovely quilts in my next post.  Fa La La La La!!


  1. How fun to see all of the variations. Makes me want to make another! : )

  2. Oh, how fun to see all of them - each their own. BUt, love the purple and great mitered borders, too.

  3. So fun to see where around the world others have made this QAL with all of us. Thanks for sharing these on your BLOG.

  4. So great to see these quilts and tops!!

  5. Lovely parade of little gems. Thank you for a great pattern and fun quilt along.

  6. What lovely quilts! It's so much fun to see all the different results from the same pattern. :)