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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing You All The Best in 2014!!

Here we are about to say good-bye to another year and welcome a new one.  2013 wasn't really a bad year for my family, but honestly, it could have been better.  That said, it depends on what criteria you're using for judging a year.  If I'm really taking stock, we were all together and healthy through the year, and as my Gram always said, "if you have your health, you have everything!"  Here, here, Gram.....then 2013 was a good year, indeed.

My New Years post from January, 2013 spoke of how I don't make resolutions so much as set goals.  Every year I decide on some things I've always wanted to do, and try to make those goals a reality.  Last year, I wanted to focus on making delicious soups, becoming a scratch pie maker, and to be a more gracious person to others.  I guess my 2013 goals were heard loud and clear by my family and friends as I received these cookbooks for Christmas!  L*O*V*E!!!  I did pretty good on the soup front, and not as well on the making-pies-from-scratch front...but that's about to change, so stay tuned!  (Fun story you won't want to miss!!)  As for being gracious...well....we don't hit the "I'm gracious enough" mark ever, so that's just something I'll always be working on. This world can always use more grace from everyone.

So, here we are with a New Year and new goals.  I've been thinking about this for a couple of months now.  I'd really love to learn to speak Italian, but honestly, I don't have the time to really devote to it right now.  Maybe another year.  I've always wanted to learn to drive a stick shift, which my husband tried heroically to help me with for my last birthday, but we just couldn't make that happen then.  Hhmmm.....what to do?  

Then, it hit me....what I really, really want to do is......find more time to do.....

What Makes Me Happy!

What Makes Me Joyful!
Now, I know this sounds kinda dumb, but honestly, most of the time, I get caught up in the "must do's" of life, and not nearly enough time to do the things that make my heart sing.  I love my work, but it feels like work a lot of the time.  I'm talking about sewing more, planting flowers, reading more, playing....just playing.  So...that's my main goal for 2014.....to.... 

MAKE time to play and enjoy myself!
I'm also gonna try to explore Instagram to see what that's all about.  Well, who knows what else my playtime will bring?  

So, I hope this New Year brings you good health, much happiness, and lots of time to do the things you love and that make you happy.  And, thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I enjoy it so very much, and you, dear reader, are the reason why.  


  1. Oh, I have two pots of soup on the stove right now! Yumm--the best comfort food, with homemade breadsticks on the side.
    Okay, lady, we are going to play and have us some fun next week. Are you ready?
    In all our interactions I have seen nothing but graciousness. : )

  2. I love your goal for the year! Last year, my goal was to use up 3 cones of thread--over 5 miles. It was lots of fun working on that, and I made it happen sometime in September or October. I haven't yet decided what I want to accomplish this year.

  3. Happy New Year to you Pam., my most gracious friend!! Karen S.

  4. Happy New Year! I love it! Take time to PLAY and have fun! Life is truely too short to not have fun.

  5. Happy New Year. and may your wishes come true.

  6. Happy New Year - My goals too are to find more time to do me things - always seem to be having to do the job work, the work at home etc., etc. Life is precious - still have to work - but got to figure a way for the fun stuff. I, too have been curious about instagram - asked a teenager the other day - and they said it was really simple(yea for that generation) but I will dive in and see. Hope you meet all of your goals and have fun doing them!!

  7. Thankyou for a lovely blog, Pam, May 2014 bring you all good things xx