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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Pattern! Star Strings Quilt & Pincushion!!

Star Strings quilt pattern by Heartspun Quilts
 You may remember my quilt, Star Strings,  which was originally published in one of my favorite quilt magazines, Primitive Quilts & Projects in 2013.  This is a great user-upper of fabric scraps!  (Technical term, don't ya know ;-)  It has paper pieced "strings" in the center of every block, which I think gives it a little star twinkle here and there.  For those of you who make the sign of the cross when the words "paper piece" are uttered, fear not!  Those centers are all strips and straight lines!  You can do that, right?  (You're supposed to nod your head up and down, not left to right!  You can do it......be brave!)  Quilt size is 25" x 30".  Fun stuff....I wanted to keep on going and going making these cutie pahtooty blocks.

So I did.......

 I went on to make pincushions and added scrappy paper pieced borders.  Notice the red and blue star pincushions, on the right toward the back, are just two color scrappy versions.  I made a multi-color star version in the front, and reversed the light and darks on the black version on the left giving it a light star.  I also made a blue pincushion of just the star, without the borders, front left.   Make oodles of them for yourself, your bestest quilty friend, or a guild pincushion exchange!!  All from leftover scraps!!

Both the quilt and the pincushion instructions are included in this pattern!!  

Click here to order the pattern!!

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  1. I was just looking at this great quilt pattern in the magazine the other day. I definitely want to make this, but have to keep my UFO commitments right now. Maybe a little pincushion or two would be okay, and satisfy the itch. They are SO cute, Pam. I think the multi-colored is my fav!!

  2. I just loved this little quilt when I saw it in the magazine. I cut college-ruIed notebook paper in squares to use for the paper piecing. I am using this for my leader and enders, and I'm still sewing to the string squares. So I've a ways to go. Now I might have to stop my current project and make a little cushion!

  3. I do remember (and love) this pattern - so funny that you got the itch and just kept on making the blocks :-) Very satisfying to use up scraps like this - very very cute!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt.Love your fabrics combo!

  5. Gorgeous quilt! I love the string centers :)

  6. I LoVe doing string blocks too. They use up all those leftover pieces of your fav fabs. In no time at all you 've got a block finished. Loved that pattern the first time I saw it! Little bowl fillers is a great idea:) Thanks! Enjoy your week end.

  7. I love your quilt and am half way done making it for myself great way to try to get thru my shoe box of scraps they are addictive.

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