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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tin Pinkeep Pincushion Kits Are Back

With a little luck and some good digging, I was able to acquire more vintage Jell-O tins, so I have a limited supply of Tin Pinkeep kits available on my website.  Get them while they last!  I'll keep trying to find more tins, but ya never know when they'll be found!

On a completely different note, one of my dearest friends (LM!!) once told me that perfection is so not all it's cracked up to be, and in fact, often makes people very unhappy because it's nearly impossible to attain/maintain.  Her wisdom really stuck with me and is very applicable to every aspect of life.  It resonates with me all the time, and never more so than when I'm about to teach a workshop.  Now, I always begin my workshops by talking about our quest for piecing perfection.  I still strive for piecing perfection every time I sit at my sewing machine, and there's loads of techniques, tips and tools to help us get there, but we're still human beings, and more often than we'd like, we're not perfect.  So, I go on to say, that while I talk a lot about perfection and teach skills, etc, to get us there, in the end, we should be happy with our best work.  Our best changes over the years as we work at our craft.  We hope we do better work each year than when we started piecing, and for our fellow quilters who still struggle, encouragement and graciousness go a long way.  

My designer friend, Kathy Tracy wrote an eloquent blog post a few days ago all about this.  This subject resonates with me because as a teacher, I want to encourage skill building, continued education in our craft, and striving to do your best, but all too often see quilters become discouraged and want to give up.  Do yourself a favor and click here to hop over to Kathy Tracy's blog.....and be kind to yourself and others!  

We should all just enjoy the journey this wonderful gift of piecing, quilting, and friendship gives us.  

And that's all I have to say about that!  


  1. Are you coming to HUG tomorrow night? She's our guest speaker.