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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stitching on The Oregon Trail ~ Literally!!

Today I'm heading West....part work, part vacation.  West as in "the Oregon Trail" West!! My husband and I will, for a couple of days, be traveling either on or parallel to the actual Oregon Trail, which has this Prairie Woman very, very excited!!  I hear there are places where you can see the 'ol wagon ruts that still exist.  Amazing.  

I love to travel, especially to places I've never been before.  I'll visit Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana...all new states for me, and three I can cross off my Bucket List!!  Yay!!  So jazzed about that.  

First stop has me landing in Boise with a car ride to McCall, ID and Huckleberry Patches Quilt Shop.  I hope to blog post pictures along the way as often as I can.  I'll be posting to Instagram and Facebook as well, so I hope you'll join me on my adventures.

One of my favorite things to do is listen to audio books.  Love, love, love Audible.  My dear friend, Karen A., who is an avid reader, told me I had to read this book.  She was so right, and I'm almost finished with this wonderful book.  It's historic fiction, loosely based on the real Grimke family who lived in Charleston.  The book begins in 1803, and tells the story of Sarah Grimke, daughter of the plantation owner, and Hettie, a slave child, both about the same age.  Each tells the story of their life from their perspective and is quite uplifting.  While the story is not about quilts, quilts figure prominently throughout the book making it a lovely bonus for those of us who love quilts.  

I have a few more books downloaded to my phone for my husband and I to enjoy as we travel the "trail".  If you have any book recommendations for me, I'd love to hear about them.  Post a comment so everyone can see what 'good reads' are on your phone or night stand!

Hope to see you at Huckleberry Patches Quilt Shop and the National Oregon/California Trail Center!!  


  1. Well, welcome:) If you make it up through Baker City, OR you might swing into both the OR trail interpretive center and the museum right in town. Both are worthwhile. Also, if you make it into Pendleton stop in a Mayson's - Keith and Christina are each a wealth of knowledge. Aurora, OR quilt show is this weekend. There is a ton of Ore. tr. history associated with that:) Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have fun.
    PS Pendleton has a fabulous little chocolate shop.

  2. Good morning! I'll recommend anything by Kate Morton, but especially the Secret Keeper. And The Book Thief is also terrific. I believe that both of these books are historical fiction as well. The Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. I could be here all day!! Have a great trip.

    1. I've enjoyed a lot of books by Kristen Hannah, but The Winter Garden was SO boring - I was terribly disappointed by it!

  3. Have a great and safe journey! Laura V.

  4. I've been to some of those wagon rut places--very cool to feel the history around you.
    Enjoy your trip--McCall is a pretty place.
    Wish I wasn't booked up elsewhere and could meet up with you at the Oregon/California Trail History Center. You are going to be so close!

  5. You are going to LOVE that road trip! A couple of years ago, my husband & I did our our road trip along the California-Oregon Trail. We went through South Pass .. it's so flat and broad that you don't really realize that it *is* a pass. But the high point for me was we went to the Parting of the Ways. There is a stone monument there, marking where the trail splits. You can still see the main trail and both splits. It was absolutely spine-chilling ... in a good way! It was an amazing trip and you will surely enjoy yours!

  6. You sure will be able to see those ruts here and there, Pam! Especially at the Oregon Interpretive Center near Baker, Or. Also there is a fabulous quilt shop in Halfway, Or - just east of there near the Snake River and Hells Canyon which is also some incredible scenery! If you come near Walla Walla, let me know!


  8. I love Audible also. I purchased this title and The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier because reviewers said there was a lot of quilt talk throughout the book. Also love the narrators on both books.

  9. I don't see ny post so I'll try again. I just finished listening to Sixteen Brides, it takes place after the Civil War and the women are widows. I like anything by Sandra Dallas. Her books cover from 1850 to 1940. I have read and listened to them all.

  10. If you like history wrapped in fiction, the Wagons West series by Dana Fuller Ross is a very interesting account of the movement west. I love a long series and there are 24 books in this series!! I don't know if they are on audible or if you will actually have to read them!

  11. Arlene Sachitano - 7 books of the "Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery" series
    (first is "Quilt as desired")
    Carol Dean Jones - Quilting cozy series - first title = Tie died
    Mary Marks - "Forget me knot"
    Best wishes!

  12. I really enjoyed "The Stolen Child" by Keith Donohue was excellent on audio. I LOVE to read and listen to books!