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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Prairie Gathering Quilt of the Quarter ~ Month Two

Here we are in month two of my Prairie Gathering Quilt of the Quarter program for Marcus Fabrics.  

I trust that you have completed your center block in month one!!  Looking great so far.

Did you measure each step??  Please, I can't stress this enough!!  It's so, so important to measure as you piece each step which is why I give the measurements for you.  As we begin to add on pieced borders, everything must measure correctly for all the pieces to fit properly.  Super important with pieced borders, but honestly...that is true for every quilt you make, so it's a very good habit to have.

We begin this month making a bunch of Half Square Triangles from five red prints.  We will be using the darkest red HST in a block I call a Corner Square Triangle, and in this case, the "square" in the (lower right) corner happens to be a Half Square.  Follow the directions in your pattern to assemble the light print half of the unit, paying close attention to the position of the dark red HST, then add the larger red triangle to complete the unit.  Make sure it measures as it should.  
Next, you'll be using the remaining four assorted red HST's.  

Follow your pattern instructions to sew the HST's into units as shown, and measure.   You'll make (4) of these units. 

You'll make (4) more of the Delectable Mountain units with the dark red HST in another position (see unit on the right.)

Using the same technique, you'll make (4) more Corner Square Triangle units, using a different light print.  

You now have all of the pieces to construct the larger center block.  Using the block from month one, and the units previously made, arrange them as shown.  

Sew the Delectable Mountains units at the sides of the center block, press and measure.  

Sew the units into rows, then sew the rows together. 

You now have a completed center block!!!  Yippeee!!!!!

This month, we're beginning to piece parts of our Checkerboard border, making Two-Patch units.  I arranged my squares so that I didn't have duplicate combinations and chain pieced them.  Give them a press, and pop them into your zip bag for safe keeping until next time.

Put all of the cut pieces for the Flying Geese and Large Sawtooth Triangle borders, as well as the pieces for the Friendship Star and Ohio Star blocks into their zip bags for safe keeping until next time.  I recommend you check the counts on the contents of your bags to be sure you have them all. 

Because so many quilt shops have the monthly kits ready to ship/pick-up on the 15th of the month, I will be posting my hints around the 20th of the month, giving some time for the mail carrier to make her delivery.  Sometimes, as it is now, it's a little later than the 20th because "life" gets in the way of my good intentions!  Please forgive.

More piecing next month! 

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