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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back In The Swing

It was just a few days ago that I was enjoying warm, sunny days poolside on a vacation with my family.  It was wonderful as both of our grown kids finally had clear schedules, and we all escaped the daily grind to relax for a week in the sun.  
We arrived home just as the first snowflakes began falling on what ended up being the 5th largest snowfall in the Chicagoland area since they've been keeping track of these things.  20 inches in 30 hours.  Back to reality!  All in all, we have no complaints.  We had a safe trip home, and so far, our winter hasn't been so bad.  It is...after all....still winter in the Midwest, so the snow we have is to be expected.  

Winter has its fun moments, too!!

While I was gone....look what arrived!!  Yay!!!  My Prairie Gathering 10 inch precuts are now in the house, which means that we can begin to process the Tokens of the Past: Gathering In Red kits!  And, that's exactly what we're gonna do.  If you ordered a kit, I will send you an email when it's shipping.  Thank you all for your patience while we were waiting for these babies to arrive.  

January was a busy month with a lot of travel.  February and March will be crazy busy as I sew up the quilts I designed for my Treenware & Berries collection.  I can hardly wait to get started!!  There are other things fun things in store coming your way soon, and I know you'll love them.  I didn't have too many blog posts in January, and hope to have many more in February...so stay tune to my blog, Facebook, and Instagram for pics of the quilts as we create them!!  

If the snow is falling where you are, enjoy the season as it really doesn't last all that long.  Spring will be here before you know it!!


  1. What a great holiday you had! But back to reality! Uhuh! I just LoVe the cake layers of "Tokens of the Past" I hope our local quilt shop gets some in. That red is my favorite to work into quilts.
    Have fun...hugs Marg.

  2. LOVE love the snow scenes! Oh I hope we see your new range here in New Zealand.

  3. What a contrast of views! : )
    How nice to have had that warm getaway with your family.
    Those reds are delicious. The Treenware and Berries line has me excited, too. Lovely stuff, Pam!

  4. Love the snow scenes! The Gathering in Red is gorgeous. I need some of that.....

  5. Welcome back to winter! But what fun you will have with your new fabrics! Gorgeous!