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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Maker Movement

Have you heard of The Maker Movement?  If not, you have now, and awareness is growing each and every day!  

You're a part of the Maker Movement whether you know it or not!

If you're not familiar, you're a "maker" simply because you make something.  Being a "maker" is an umbrella term for just about anything and everything we create with our hands, tools and creative talent.  It's a national movement that encompasses everything from DIY-ers who work on their homes to those who tinker building robots.  You happen to be a "maker" in the textile end of the spectrum.

You might say the original makers were our ancestors, whom in eighteenth and nineteenth century American made a great deal of just about anything needed for their homes and businesses.  From wood, they made any number of household items (treenware) like buckets, furkins, cutting boards, spoons, plates, bowels, etc.  They spun and wove threads for fabric, made their own clothes, grew their food....you get the idea.  They made whatever they needed.  

Out of necessity, they invented so many things, and were the truest Folk Artists.  This way of living and creating is what The Maker Movement is all about, reborn in twenty-first century America, and is including many of the new things we live with everyday. 

It's very exciting to think about all of us being a part of a new movement of appreciating and coveting things we make with our hands.  Who knew we were so hip and such trendsetters, right??  <<grin>>

Click here to read an article from Time magazine all about The Maker Movement.  


  1. I think we need a button to wear stating that we are "Makers".

  2. I know diddly about blogging (so well done you!) but you might want to fix that typo ... I think you mean wooden bowls, not wooden bowels. Not a place I'd like to get a splinter. It has been a long day and I needed that laugh. Thanks. ;)