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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Primitive Quilts Magazine Winners!

Cover photo used with permission of Homespun Media LLC
My thanks to everyone who shared a comment for a chance to win a copy of Primitive Quilts, Fall issue!  We are a busy bunch of quilters, that's for sure!  I don't think we'll ever have the problem of being bored, right?  You all shared your plans for the coming season, and the many projects on your to-do list, assuring us all that we're not alone in that regard.  

Here are the three randomly chosen winners:

Kelli H said…

How time flies! I need to get started on a Christmas wool project for my sis! Also, would like to finish a quilt I started - has pumpkins and gourds - love it because fall/winter are my favorite seasons! Thanks for doing a give away.

KMSC said…

I haven't been sewing much this summer but I am going to be a new grandmother in November so I will definitely be sewing a quilt for my grandson.
Sunny said…

I love your quilt! And what perfect fabric for it. As summer is heading into its final month, I'm quilting like crazy, trying to work through a rather large pile of tops. I may save the binding for cooler weather. What better way to cozy up than with a quilt in your lap! thanks for a chance to win.

Congratulations!  Thank you so, so much for your comments.  Please email your snail mail address to me at Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com, and I'll have those copies mailed to you mucho pronto!

In every issue, Primitive Quilts asks a unique question of all of the project designers on a wide variety of subjects.  In this issue, they asked us to share "Who in your family or circle of friends supports your stitching and design endeavors?"

It goes without saying that my family: hubby, Ryan and Nicki, support me wholeheartedly and have from day one.  They have all cheered my success, encouraged me, stuffed patterns, packed boxes and loaded the car, and cooked and changed laundry when I was under a deadline crunch.  That's just what families do, and I am very blessed.

Ronda Dranter and Debbie McClarence
And since my family have careers of their own, of course, I still need help with many of the day to day tasks, and these two dear friends help me immeasurably.  Answering the magazine's query in the Designer Notes column was my chance to thank my dear friends who work with me behind-the-scenes.  

Ronda, pictured on the left, quilts 95% of my quilts and does just a phenomenal job.  Her talents truly bring my quilts to life in stitches she sews into my quilt tops!  She has a terrific eye for detail, and the quality of her work is just outstanding.  I never, ever fret about how my quilts will turn out, and am so happy to show off her work whenever possible.  

Debbie, pictured on the right, works just about every day with me.  There is almost nothing that she can't do!  She cuts fabrics, makes kits and bundles, stuffs patterns, fills orders, does bookkeeping, and the list goes on and on.  She pieces some of the new quilts, and does so with perfection and skill. 

I was so happy when Primitive Quilts posed this question as it was a perfect opportunity to give credit to the many people who help me be all that I can be.  I am so very blessed with a wonderful, supportive family, and the greatest friends, and honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them. 

And, allow me this opportunity to thank all of you as well, for your support, your kind comments, and your purchases, too.  They all allow me to keep doing what I love.  I am truly grateful!


  1. Love the family photo, Pam. And it is great that you had the opportunity to thank the "behind the scenes" help that make your work successful.
    I look forward to getting my own copy of the magazine.

  2. I'm thankful for your supporters because they allow you to do the fabulous things you do. As soon as I finish up online, I'm going to sit down with my copy and be inspired.

  3. I liked your words of gratitude in this post. Very nice.