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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Antique Cotton Bundles Are Ready!!

My Antique Cotton fabrics have begun to arrive!  Finally!  I've been so, so jazzed about receiving them.  We've been busy cutting bundles for you and they're ready to ship.  

 Just in case you'd like a refresher.....
 ...of what the fabrics in the collection look like....
 ...here are the prints for your viewing pleasure.
There are eleven assorted light shirting prints....
 ...and two prints each of seven dark colors.....
....black, brown, green, blue, red, plum and dusty pink!

Your local quilt shop should be getting their order as well.  So, pick up some Antique Cotton to add to your collection of fabrics!! You can see the entire collection on the Marcus Fabrics website.

Click here to order a Fat Quarter bundle of Antique Cotton.

Click here to order a Fat Eighth bundle of Antique Cotton.

Also, I wanted to remind you that my Love Worn quilt kit special offer is about to end on Monday, September 14th!!  This is a great deal and so many of you have already taken advantage of this.  The fabrics are due to arrive very soon, and we'll be getting this kit and sending it on its way to everyone.  Click here to read all about this great deal!  This quilt features all of the Antique Cotton fabrics.

Hoping you find some time for slow stitching!!


  1. Oh, lovely! These look like they are perfect for making miniatures!

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